Few Things Left Unsaid was your promise of love fulfilled? Sudeep Nagarkar. An IBD Release - Secret Desi Community for E-Book releases. SKYPE. The novel Few Things Left Unsaid was released in the year Sudeep Nagarkar used to write a diary, one of his friends suggested him to. Few Things Left Unsaid - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. love story novel.

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Aditya is a confused soul. He is unclear about his ambitions or goals in life. He hates engineering from the core of his heart, but destiny has other plans for him. Few Things Left Unsaid was your promise of love fulfilled? Sudeep Nagarkar An IBD Release - Secret Desi Community for E-Book releases SKYPE. Read "Few Things Left Unsaid" by Sudeep Nagarkar available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Aditya is a.

He told me everything what you were doing in rickshaw. I did not tell this to Aditya, as I wanted him to con- centrate on his exams. What are you both up to?

First learn to earn money then you can do all these things. Now if you try to separate both of us it would affect our semester. Aunty do not worry, I will take care of him. Seriously, I will not let him sidetrack from studies. Please trust me. I wanted to hug her. She is the first one who wakes me up everyday, with a lovely heart and a friendly soul I love my Mom. I love Riya too… I went outside and could not hide my happiness. I am your Mom.

She still told me that education was the first priority and rest everything should be left aside while studying. I accepted whatever she said. After all, she accepted my Riya. Riya was very happy. We chatted for sometime and then Riya left for home. I went near the gate to leave her. This time seeing her going home was something different.

Something, which brought a sense of security in me. No sooner than we had seen each other, we liked each other. No sooner, we liked each other we knew each other. No sooner we respec- ted we appreciated each other. Then we loved each other. No sooner we loved each other deeply we were in front of my Mom. And took our relationship one more step ahead. I dreamt of getting engaged to her. A hall filled with family and friends. When she will ask me what kind of wedding I wished for…I would answer nothing special.

However, the one which would make me your husband. I think she is the only girl who can improve you. However, as I said studies are the first priority. Anyways she is beautiful. I got the gift from my parents. The next day. Riya had messaged me in morning that she would be late due to some household work. The second lecture began. Riya was still at home.

She messaged me to leave the college and come to her home. I was surprised. I knew there was no one at her house this morning. As the lecture got over, I left the college and reached her gate.

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I called her. Come inside. I went in. She opened the door. I entered her house to see Amit and Neha. Not again. I said to myself. They were eating chips. Fools will be fool. I went straight into the kitchen and Riya joined me. What are these two doing here? I had called Neha in the morning and told her what had happened yesterday.

So she said even we both want to celebrate his birthday. It was my birthday. Why do these two want to celebrate it? And if they want to celebrate who the hell is giving them a party? They wished me belated happy birthday. They looked nice together as a couple. However, they were funny. Maybe I thought it because the first impression was bad. I was insecure in their company. I felt left out. Riya was in the kitchen preparing something to eat. Neha also went inside and this irritated made me more.

I was alone sitting with Amit. We were watching TV. I did not talk to him. He did not try to talk to me. We did not even look at each other.

He was kind of reserved and so was I Moreover I hated him. Instead of spending some quality time with my girlfriend, I was with her school friend and his girlfriend. He asked me for water.

I looked at him but did not oblige. I could do anything I wanted. Riya and Neha came out as they were almost ready with food. Riya was making the food while Neha was helping her.

With a gay… I said it in my mind. The biggest irritant was that he carried Nokia cell phone. N series. Pink in colour. This was extreme… Riya came and sat beside me. I grabbed her waist and she rested against me. Amit and Neha were dis- cussing something, which we could not hear.

I did not care to. I hated that smile. We cannot live without each other. I love him a lot.

Just to show off if he could talk to my girlfriend I could do the same. It has been a difficult journey for us. Still we are together. For the first time I was not angry at his answer.

Not even frustrated. I was observing their eyes. Maybe they loved each other seriously. We decided to play cards. Teen patti. I shuffled the cards and gave three cards to each. I looked at my cards. I had three cards of spades. We put in the minimum bet of 10rs. For the first round, no body packed their cards. The second round began.

Riya packed and so did Neha. Now Amit and I were left. This made me more enthusiastic. Amit think over it. You will lose. I call for a show. Didnt I? See your face. It was queen of hearts. I looked at my queen of hearts. I wished I had that card. I could have afforded to lose for that card. He showed me the second card. It was queen of spade. Two queens. This made me nervous. It was not the question of a few rupees but the question of who was superior between the two of us. He showed the third card too.

It was a joker. I never told you anything. Still I won. This is a real game. You have to win without saying a word.

This gives satisfaction. I hated him seriously. I wanted to win. I ignored him. It was just a game.

However, I did not forget what he had said. It was time to have lunch. Both the girls went inside to arrange things leaving Amit and me. What about you. So you love Neha or this is just for sex. It was not the question to be asked. However, I did. I got my answer. I came to know what I wanted to. I realized his intentions from the day I saw him. Our parents are strict. They are against all these affairs and all. I have seen parents like that. Not everybody is as lucky as I am.

I was ob- serving him carefully. There was something going on in his mind. I wanted to read it. One thing was sure. The way he laughed was weird. If someone had asked me that question, I would not have spared him. Still I ignored, as not every person is the same. Riya came out with the food. Neha followed her with the dishes. I was waiting to taste it as I was going to have fish made by Riya for the first time.

Riya served all of us. She was looking so sweet when she was serving. A perfect wife. She sat beside me. I was looking at her. She gave a smile. She understood why I was looking at her. She played with my hair… we started eating. It was delicious. I have no words to explain the taste of it. Riya started feeding me and I did the same. But awesome. You are a great cook. She was changing the channels of TV when suddenly Pogo channel appeared. I told her to stop and we watched Pogo. My brother also keeps on watching this.

Then I am a kid. I love this show. I love Bob the builder. Wait I will bring rice for you. I did not answer him. Just shook my head. He must be watching shaktimaan or he-man maybe. Bloody muscles… or I thought Amit— the builder. Riya served me rice.

It was tastier. She never let me eat rice with my own hands. She used to feed me with a spoon. I used to eat more rice because of this. I loved watching her eyes when she fed me. They looked beautiful.

Riya fulfilled all the needs as she guided me to the right path, wiped away my tears and tried to make me feel happy when I was feeling low and depressed. I always felt like telling her that I loved her much more than I had ever found a way to convey the same to her. After having lunch, we went to the bedroom. I wanted to talk to Riya. I wanted to spend some quality time with her.

Amit and Neha were in hall. We closed the door of the bedroom and sat on the bed. I feared that you would not like. Now I am happy that you loved it. Now I can marry you. So early? I want to. But it was too early…. She started showing me her photographs and some soft toys. Her dresses and her skirts. I loved her one mini skirt. It was grey and covered only half her thighs. It was plain with some black design on it. I told her to wear that one. She refused as the other two were sitting outside.

I will close my eyes. My eyes were closed. I was best at it. Atleast I thought so. I was almost dead looking at her. My heart skipped a beat. It always happened. She had changed her top too. It was her new top. My weakness. I could not resist myself. I pushed her on the bed.

Few Things Left Unsaid

As we lay facing each other, listening to, Mariah Careyn locked my eyes with hers, leaned, and said, "You are awesome. She was playing with my bare chest. This was the first time we were together on a bed.

It was the hottest Moment. Her words were an endearing mix of tender. Later, as we lay facing each other, listening to John Mayer, she locked her eyes with mine, leaned in, and said, "You do good work. For the first time I had a nice sleep. She looked fresh after making love. Her face glittered.

One more day that we both can never forget. We went outside and I decided to leave. All three of us left the house. I was tired and did not want to travel by train. I decided to go by autorick- shaw. Her perfume, her body, her expressions all haunted me.

We reached heights that made us cling to each other, in fear of losing that ecstasy. After loving and pleasuring each other in the most intimate ways; after physically, mentally and emotionally becoming a single living breathing soul, I did not want to let go. I did not have any desire to break that bond and if we could fall asleep with our arms wrapped around each other and our bodies close we would be happy. I was about to reach home when Riya called me. I picked up the call.

Something serious? Are you okay? He fell from his bike. He left Neha home and while he was going home, he fell down. His bike slipped. Neha had called me just now. Please come back. We are taking him to hospital. We are on the way. Sector Dont worry.

I am coming. I told the driver to stop. I paid him, got down, and moved to Aerol again. I reached the hospital. Riya and Neha were standing there. Neha was crying.

I tried to console her. He was not serious.

He had a minor fracture in his hand. I went inside to see him. Maybe he knew that I hated him. I came to see if anything is serious.

However, you seem to be fine. Just a minor crack. Maybe 20 days to recover. Take rest. And be careful. Shall I leave? I will come again tomorrow.

I am late now. I have to reach home. Riya was waiting outside. I calmed her down. She was worried. I told them to go home as his parents were also there. All of us left the hospital. I dropped them and went home. I was already late.

I told Mom what had happened. I just said my friend had met with an accident. My college friend. If I had told her everything, she would have asked more questions.

Next morning I went to the hospital. I asked him how he was feeling. He smiled. The doctor will examine me today and then he will take the decision. I hope he discharges me today.

There are no sexy nurses here. Any problem? You are a lucky boy. When I asked him the details, he started telling me about his love life. Neha has not called me since night. It is already 11am. Is this the way to behave? She could have slept late yesterday. However, she was sleepy and she slept around 12am itself.

I am sure if something had happened to you, the case would have been different. I seriously love Neha but she does not return it.. I understand her family is strict but still these things can be worked out. The way she gets close to all the boys irritates me. Whenever I call her in lunchtime, she says she is busy with friends.

I wait outside your college for hours and she still does not bunk a lecture. Still I am with her, as I love her. But you are lucky. Riya is a sweetheart. She would have taken one more bed next to me just to be with me in the hospital. However, as I said, not everybody could have Riya.

She was mine and just mine. Now I tell you frankly, I have been observing you and Neha from the first day I met you. I think you are not at all serious; Instead, you just want her in bed. I do not know how far and how deep your relationship is but I think she is a good girl. Just go on loving her. I am not with her for sex.

I could get that for rs anywhere. I want her love. She is not giving me that. However, she has different priorities. These things hurt me. I should give him a chance. But I could not believe Neha was at fault. She seemed to be nice to me. Any ways there was no point in thinking so much. I decided to give Amit one chance. We looked at each other and smiled. Neha entered the room. It was 12pm. I said good-bye to both of them and left. Riya was in college. I messaged her that I was coming.

On the way some thoughts came in my mind. Was it a hand of true friendship or some plans were going on in his mind? I ignored. He was allowed to go to college now. He still had a bandage on his hand. But it was not serious. The four of us decided to go to Chowpatty on Saturday. I asked Swapnil , Sameer and Anup also if they were coming. Sameer had some work. He refused. Swapnil and Anup were ready to join us. We were waiting at the ticket counter on platform no 1.

I introduced Amit and Neha to everyone. They spoke to the others formally. We got the window seat. We had to get down at CST and we decided to go by taxi from there to Chowpatty.

There was no need to ask this question but what must have tempted Swapnil was his pink shirt. I kicked Swapnil lightly and told him to shut up. However, he did not listen. He asked him the same question again. I was enjoying all this. I did not stop them.

I understood that he wanted to say that he could do anything for her but still he was dissatisfied. They continued until we reached. We were looking for taxis. Amit and Neha came by one taxi and rest of us in other.

We reached Chowpatty. Everyone including me started shouting as if they were seeing the beach for the first time. We had vis- ited beaches many times. However, with friends it was a different experiences. We sat on the beach. I was not interested in going into the water. Mumbai beaches are not clean as they used to be. I pre- ferred eating chaat and my favourite paavbhaaji. Amit and Riya joined me.

Neha and the others were savouring the feel of sea. Or are you crazy? Are you a gladrag winner or are you Salman Khan. She was shocked to see me shouting at Amit. Riya also laughed. We had paav bhaaji and Pani Puri. Riya wanted ice-cream also. I wonder why girls are crazy about ice cream. I thought she would enjoy herself as she wanted and then we would leave. Riya pushed Amit and told him to go.

He left. We were on our own. Swapnil and Anup were still in the water I thought. I could not see them. I thought maybe they had gone for a smoke. Even I felt like it. However, Riya was besides me. I ignored the temptation. Even we went for a long walk. Holding hands, looking at each other, leaving world behind and just love all around…Romance filled the air.

I was walking so close to her that we hardly had any space in between. I went down on the knees again and said Last time I proposed to you in front of five people, today I propose you in front of people. I love you and its growing rapidly day by day. I still feel currents when you touch me. I love you. I love your luscious lips. I love your caring nature. I will drop a tear in this sea. The day when someone will find this tear from the sea, I will stop loving you.

We hugged each other. I pinched her cheeks. After sometime, we left. Neha and Riya wanted to go shopping to Nariman point and Colaba. It was about 3pm. We tried to convince them that Nariman Point was too far. However, who could argue with girls. Finally, we decided to go by taxi.

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We reached Colaba after some time. Colaba had many small shops where we could get anything from shoes and sandals to clothes. Riya wanted to download chappals while Neha wanted to download shoes.

I hate walking for no reason. Riya gave me an angry look and kept on walking. We went to a few shops but both the girls did not like anything.

We boys decided to go somewhere else. We told Neha and Riya that they could contin- ue, we would join them in sometime. We left towards tapri. I never tried and do not want to try. Why do you require money then? No smoking.

No boozing. No junk food. I mean you must be attending college and classes regularly. Stop talking about fucking engineering. After some time Riya called me and said that their shopping had finished. We went near the shop where they were standing. I loved the chappals she had bought for herself. She had also bought one t-shirt for me. It was cool. It was already 6pm. We decided to leave. I just wanted to be alone with her.

I wanted to end the day spending some time with her. They agreed and decided to go by train. They left. I just wanted you and me to be together. Nothing else. I kept the plastic bag behind. Riya started asking me about our future. This is her common trick to fool me and make me accept whatever she wanted. However, marriage? I had thought from the first day that we were moving rather fast.

How could I marry so early? This was not possible. What marriage and all? Is it a joke? Is it so? Who could make her understand it was not funny. Finally, I decided that I did not want to end the day with a fight. I told the driver to take us to Dadar. What happened to you now?

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We reached Dadar. I gave the driver the fare and asked Riya to walk along with me. We were near plaza bus stop. I told her where we were going. We could have come some days later. What was the need now? What is going on in your mind? She went cold. I was not that serious. How can we marry? If you want to then come along with me. We are not doing legal marriage. However, we will take seven promises in front of the God as in a marriage. I have decided what will be the 7 promises. Are you ready?

The world was in her eyes. I could feel the way she held my hand had changed in a few seconds. It was more matured. I loved the moment. We reached Siddhivinayak temple. We entered the temple and took the blessings. Pandits do not allow anyone to stand near the image for a long time. They just pushed us away. We sat on the marble inside the temple. I asked her permission to start. She agreed. I told her to remove her gold necklace. Then we will be husband and wife unofficially. Is it fine? I took her hand in mine.

Promise 1. We will always be together. Promise me jaan; we will never leave each other. Promise me we will always be together. Whatever be the situation we will never leave each other alone.

I too promise it. I will always be with you like your shadow. A shadow, which will be with you after sunset too. I will never disappear.

Promise 2. We will never fight. We will always love each other and make each other smile. No fights I also promise it. I promise Aadi… I will never fight. Even if I think of fighting, I will stop talking to you but not fight. We will always love each other. Promise 3. We will not let our love fade. We will still have warmth in our relationship. We will never let our love fade.

Whenever we feel our love is fading promise me you will close your eyes and think of all the sweet times we spent in past. This will never happen. Going away from you is not in my destiny.

I do not want to change my destiny. I had studied almost three chapters that carried a weightage of 40 marks. I knew I was going to screw this paper badly. But fortune favours the brave. I was sure of getting a golden figure of Now it was time to have a blast on the big new years night. Leaving all negative vibrations behind. We friends enjoyed the night as if it was the last day of our life. Food, chicken, beer, cigarettes everything was savoured.

I was driving my bike back home at around 3am. I stopped on the highway to smoke. I was just resting on my bike and was not really in my senses. A stranger tapped me from behind. I turned around.

He was well built in his mid 40s maybe. White shirt, black trousers Woodland shoes He was looking into my eyes deeply. Even he was drunk. I felt it,looking into his eyes. Finally, he broke the silence. What is your problem son? I was confused and said nothing. Are you in love? How did he know that I was in love I never met him.

I had never seen him earlier. Tell me son, I can see you are not happy. I was a bit shocked. If he is dad s friend then I was going to get flushed out of my house. I am deeply in love.

I answered him Then what s the problem? She does not love you or what? Or you never told her? Why are you 12 becoming a devdas? Now this was too much. I really could not find an answer to all these questions. Who was this man? Was I looking like devdas? Nothing uncle. She loves me too. However, she cannot come back to me and I am not able to bear this pain anymore. You have to. They are the one who care for you. They are the ones who live for you. They are the one who work hard for your future.

They are the one who will have many expectations from you. They are the one who gave you your life. Tears rolled down my eyes. I knew whatever he said was true. I realised whatever I heard just now could not be ignored.

I am 48 years old, A Bengali, we are born romantic. Does he mean a born devdas? Not again I thought. Two devdas standing in middle of the road at 3am discussing about Paro. Thank god late night Chandramukhis were not there. I loved a girl, maybe times more than you do. But today I cannot go back to her even if she calls me. I have my family. I cannot leave them. My son. My wife. I just can t leave them alone. True I said. Look my son, love is never wrong, but a girl can be wrong.

Remember these words. What did he say just now? Did I ever hear It.? Love is never wrong but a girl can be. These words went straight into my heart Just carry on with your life. You still have a long life ahead of you. I got serious. Was he a human or an angel from heaven to show me the right way? Who was he? I did not know him, never saw him. Why was he showing me life, when I never believed in god? Except for my love Riya, who trusted Lord Ganesha a lot.

But, I never did. Then why me? If I were in your shoes, I would have dated some model. You look really charming. So smart. Why are you ruining your life? Move ahead my son, move ahead. This is my card. I will be happy, if you call me tomorrow. He left. I was still standing there. Looking at him going away from me. Bringing my life closer to me. A lot closer than I would have expected. I laid on my bike.

Closed my eyes just to get over what had 13 really happened a few minutes back. Was the girl wrong or am I wrong? Riya can t be wrong. She is too sweet to be wrong. She did everything for me. I never did anything for her. I wished I had done something for her.

I just gave her pain. How can such a sweetheart be wrong? I never believed in it. Never will. I was wrong. I reached home to relive those moments. That night and the next day, I could not sleep. I just wanted to relive whatever I had gone through.

From the very beginning. I sat on my sofa, closed my eyes, and went back to the days after my hsc exam. Struggling to get admission somewhere. We just want to see what is inside it. Is the atmosphere nice? Is the service good? It is like getting obsessed with it. Moreover, once you are obsessed it is difficult to get it out of your mind.

However, after seeing, the same girl s skirt or maybe inside the skirt for 4 years you get bored. You just want to get out of it. I also read somewhere few funny things about engineering A group of managers were given the assignment to measure the height of a flagpole.

They attacked the 14 challenge with ladders and tape measures. Soon they were falling off the ladders, dropping the tape measures - the whole thing was just a mess. An engineer came along and saw what they were trying to do, walked over, pulled the flagpole out of the ground, laid it flat, measured it from end to end, gave the measurement to one of the managers and walked away.

After the engineer had gone, one manager turns to another and laughed. I was just waiting for the list to be displayed, I was praying, I was just nervous. I had studied hard for the whole year of hsc and had achieved good scores to get through the admission process of engineering. The day arrived. I just browsed the site to see what my future was.

However, the server was very slow. I was unable to browse the site. I waited for few minutes and the site asked my application number. I did not really want to leave my parents and stay away from home.

I clicked to get result option. It was the scariest moment I had ever witnessed. I was looking at the screen of my computer. My mom was looking at me. That look made me more nervous. My dad was out of town. I really wanted him close to me. Result was displayed. Not placed in any college How could it happen?

I looked at my mom. I saw tears in her eyes. She went to her bedroom. I never thought this would be the result. I had scored good marks. Maybe I did not enter ranking of colleges properly. Maybe I had done something wrong while I filled the form. I really had a good score to get through some college if not in Mumbai then atleast outside Mumbai.

I was scared to face my mom. Still with courage, I went to her and consoled her. The second list was still to be displayed. Maybe better luck next time. I called Sameer to inquire about what his result was. Hey, Sameer what s your result, did u get placed? I got placed in Euro College in Navi Mumbai. What about you? I just ended the call. I was disturbed. This was not fair. He had scored less than me.

Still he had got through. And I had not. This made me jealous. He was an OBC,so he had got through. We had fun the whole night. However, I did not. I really hated boozing. I thought it was a waste of money and time. Moreover, I was disturbed about what had happened. My entire family was disturbed. Don t worry yaar, you will get a good college. Just relax and enjoy the moment. It s very easy to say these things but difficult to put it into practice. I still tried to enjoy myself with everyone.

But somewhere in my mind, I was aware that I had not satisfied my parents. I did not want to take admission through management quota where about two or three lakh rupees donation is asked.

Next morning mom gave me a letter that had arrived by courier. I was excited. I was offered three colleges out of which two were among the top five. I was excited to tell my mom about this. As she saw the list, she gave me a very cold reaction. As if, she was not interested in it. I had given BMS entrance exam also.

I wanted to do BMS and not engineering. However, my parents never supported me in this decision. I somehow tried to convince my parents telling them the benefits of BMS and showing them why BMS is better than engineering.

However, they were firm on their decision. My dad too was an engineer. Maybe that was the reason they wanted me to do engineering. I never understood what engineering was. I tried a lot but all in vain. NO BMS. The second admission list of engineering colleges was going to be displayed today. Once again, I was in front of my computer.

I really wanted to get through this time. As I was left with no option now of BMS. I clicked on get result option. It said finally my son would be an engineer. It was really something I never wanted. But I was happy to see my mom happy. For an optimist the glass is half full, for a pessimist it s half empty. I made up my mind that I would be an engineer. After all, girls were attracted towards engineers.

The reason being,it looks good on a resume. But surely some girls might be thinking an engineer works from am to pm daily. That means no morning kisses and no evening walks and no cuddling at night too I wished there were some good looking girls with nice curves in my class.

Being in the electronics department increased my chances of having them. Obviously, there were more girls in electronics branch than in other fields like mechanical and civil. Computers and I. However, I. He wanted the same. I never wanted engineering itself. First, I saw my parents happy. Second, I had got into same college, where Sameer was. Third, I got a branch where girls could be expected.

No curves, no skirts, no cleavages, no flirting was impossible for me. College was about to start from 3 rd august. I wanted to make a good impact on girls from the first day. I downloadd new shirts and t-shirts, new denims.

Everything was for the girls. I wanted the first impression to be the best. I left my house around am. It was raining heavily. It was first day of college. It was my parents dream that I should study in an engineering college.

That was the day their dream came true. The lecture was at 11 am. I was there by am. I entered the class. There was only one friend of mine, who was from same school. The rest were all new to me. Therefore, I sat with my school friend. The college campus was not that good. The building was tricky.

There were too many gates. I was confused from where to enter and from where to exit. The seniors informed us that we had to assemble in the quadrangle. List of names were displayed. There was a huge crowd gathered near the quadrangle. I preferred to stay away from the crowd.

I was just glancing at girls closely. Girls of different shapes. Girls with tight jeans. Girls with cute smiles. They all seemed excited as they were future engineers. Everyone was busy in his or her own world. Then a group of seniors arrived. They told a few of us to join them on second floor.

Classrooms were numbered S1 S2 S3 and so on on the second floor. Similarly F1 F2 and so on the first floor. We entered S3. We were almost 15 students, which included 1girl. I understood what was happening. One of the seniors came towards me. He was well built almost 6 feet and long hair upto his shoulders. I was asked to stand separately in the left corner of the classroom. She was wearing a red tank top and low waist jeans. Perfect curves. Moreover, a nice butt.

I liked her. I was confused what was happeneing. Why were we made to stand separately? The remaining students were asked to strip. A sense of relief went through me that I was not the one to strip. If I had to strip, it would have been embarrassing because I was wearing green underwear. It would have been centre of attraction. Nevertheless, I was safe. I was still worried as to what I had to do. Definitely not, strip.

I wished it was not worse than that. These students were forced to stand outside the classroom, which faced the quadrangle. All the freshers standing in the quadrangle were able to watch this scene.

It was the scariest moment for me at least. I asked her where she lived. I came to know she was from mulund in central Mumbai. Mulund is almost 8km away from the college and 5 km from my house. Her name was Nikita. She was as afraid as I 17 was. I could see that in her eyes. It was tough to face that situation. I was waiting for my turn. All students had left the classroom. Nikita and me were left along with the seniors. Finally, I was told to propose the girl standing besides me.

This made me excited though. The first day in college and you, get a kiss from one of the hottest bombshells. Seems intresting. I was tense. Getting a slap from such a bombshell could make things worse. No chance of getting close to her maybe. However, I had to face it. I was planning to give her the best kiss of her life. Maybe a slight touch or deep passionate kiss. I went closer to her and proposed to her. Seniors were not satisfied. They wanted something different. Therefore, I tried something different.

I said I want to spend my entire life with you. Will u allow me to do so? This was also rejected by seniors. I just gave a thought. I remembered one message and tried to propose to her saying I want to ask you 1 question. Can I? I asked Nikita. She replied, Yes you can. So tell me who is left in the house? I thought I have made a big mistake saying this. I just looked at seniors. Everyone were looking at me. Staring at me. And suddenly everyone started laughing. I calmed down.

I was waiting for Nikita to answer.


Was this her first kiss? I did not dare to ask her this. She came closer to me. I could see the fear in her eyes. Maybe first kiss. I whispered in her ears in the calmest voice, "Don't worry about it, it's not a big deal, let's just do it and get over with it, I'll be nice, I promise. She felt a bit comfortable after I said this.

We both were thinking who would kiss first. Finally being a guy, I took the initiative and lip locked her. She closed her eyes. I was watching her closed eyes. I grabbed her shoulders and her lips touched mine. Then I grabbed her face and jammed my tongue down her throat. And the teeth It was if I had run full force, mouth-open into a Dodge.

Her tongue rolling inside my mouth. This finally answered my question. Not the first kiss for sure. Moreover, this was not my first kiss also. Even I went on rolling with her tongue. It was a deep passionate kiss. I thought it was my dream. Enough I heard someone shouting. I wanted this kiss to continue. However, I had to stop. She opened her eyes. She was blushing. I think she loved it. There was a spark in her eyes. Was she in love with me or with the kiss?

She was just looking in my eyes. There was a deep silence in the classroom. And she slapped me suddenly. She did slap me hard. I almost fell down. It was a tight slap.

We were asked to leave. And we both left. I tried to follow Nikita approaching her. But she went away. She did not care to stop. Was I a bad kisser? She did not even look back. Was I in love? Maybe I wanted her on the bed. Not love. She was an excellent kisser. I went down to the quadrangle and noted down the subjects and timetable. College timing was from 11am to 6pm. Difficult task. In addition, all the five subjects seemed like names of some drugs.

I hated all of them. CP1 5. My section was E. As it was first day, college started at around 2pm. After lunch break. I sat on the last bench. Classrooms were arranged like a theatre. Each row was at some height from the previous one. I was sitting on the last row from where each student in the classroom could be seen clearly. I was watching all the girls. There were a few nice looking girls in my class.

I was happy to see that. Sameer was in a different section. Section B. I started talking to a guy sitting besides me. His name was Swapnil. He was average looking. Almost of same height as I was. He seemed very friendly. He also stayed near my place. The first lecture was quite boring. I never heard what the professor was teaching. He was teaching something related to transistors like bjt He was telling us the advantages and how bjt works.

I hated everything. I wondered how I was going to spend 4 years in this college. After the lectures were over at 4pm there were practicals, from 4pm to 6pm. BEE practicals. Forget about chairs, the lab didn t even have fans. Seriously speaking it was very tough to convince myself that I was going to spend my days in that place.

Never imagined a college like this. One positive thing was there, I talked to some seniors and they were all very optimistic, they were all saying that it was a good place for engineering; I would 19 enjoy my day here.

They believed that this college had a great alumni base and that was the biggest advantage. Now we were three friends. Not bad I thought as they were good friends. I had a good time with them on the first day.

We formed a group of 4. Sameer, Swapnil, Anup, and I. Attending lectures regularly from am to 6pm was like watching the same movie in a multiplex everyday. Bunking classes became a regular habit. I never understood what made those first benchers sit for lectures. There was nothing interesting in the lectures. It was Monday morning, the 1st lecture of the day. Swapnil was dozing during the lecture. Even I was doing the same. I never thought that was possible.

These first benchers would never co operate with this. They watched the professor during the lecture with so much enthusiasm as if Shakira was moving her hips in front of them. What was running through Swapnil s mind? He was very smart in these things. After the first lecture, we had practicals. As we reached practical, he told me to send a sms to one student of each batch.

We informed each student of our batch. A few students were afraid of mass bunking. They feared their attendance would go down and they would get less marks in term work. These were the most irritating students of the class. Every engineering college has a few students like this. I never understood what they get by moving around the professors all the time. For a few marks they could do, anything.

Still I thought they would sit for the lecture. It had happened earlier also. We were told it is mass bunk and six students sat for the lecture. This time we were serious. We convinced everyone from our batch. The practicals were over.

Our entire class was standing outside our classroom. Who ever was coming we told them not to attend lectures. Looking at the majority standing outside, those 5 to 6 students were not able to enter the class. They went home. We were still standing in front of the door. We did not want a single student to sit. There were 10 min left for the lecture to start. We told everyone to leave the corridor. Almost 10 of us went to the second floor to check if the professor was going back to the staff room.

Professor came and saw that the classroom was locked. He opened it. The classroom was empty. He was still standing there to see if any one was around. Almost 10 min later, he saw some student. Some discussion was going on. After talking to him for few minutes, he left. We went down running and asked that student what the professor was saying. He said to tell everyone that tomorrow we have to submit punishment assignment. Punishment assignment? Swapnil asked. Forget it; he didn t take your attendance, right?

I asked him. No he didn t. We left. It was our first mass bunk of engineering. It was fun.

Mass bunking is always a challenge. It is not so easy to hold the students from sitting for a lecture. These students had the same blood group as of the professors I think. Their bonding cannot be broken.

However, we did it today. A proud feeling came in us as if we had our engineering degree in hand.

We were telling everyone from the other section that we had managed our first mass bunk. Because of mass bunking, we were given four assignments by the professors of each subjects. Rohit had done that assignments already. We took his assignments and left the class. I decided to call Sameer also.

I called him and he also joined us. He did not have any assignments though. But bunking classes was fun. We decided to sit at Aerol station. It was the best place where you could play cricket, or have a nice time with your girlfriend or even write assignments. The frequency of trains was one after almost 2 or 3 hours. So it was a vacant platform always. We reached the station, which was hardly 5 minutes away from our college.

There were hardly a few people on the platform and few students. Couples were having a nice time. We had four assignments to be written. Writing work started. He broke the silence. So you guys were interested in engineering or forced by parents? Sameer asked Swapnil and Anup. I was always interested in engineering.

I wanted to be an I. It offers you a white collar job. I love that life. Swapnil replied. Same here. Even I wanted to be a civil engineer. It gives you an opportunity to earn more than any engineer can. A civil person gets the desired salary as white income but along with that lots of black money can also be earned. Is money everything? Anup asked. If we need to drink water then we need money.

What better field than engineering. Moreover a civil engineer. It s like sone pe suhaaga. Sameer laughed and so did we. What about you Anup? I asked. Kya yaar. Now we have taken admission. Now we cannot change things. Whether we like it or not we have to get our asses fucked for four years. Or else Deshmukh sir will cut our dicks into pieces. Anup ignored the topic.She did care for me.

So early? We left towards tapri. He asked him the same question again. Secondly I would like to thank Pankaj Ghodekar who stood by me in all the phases that I went through while thinking and writing this script.

Neha and Riya wanted to go shopping to Nariman point and Colaba. Will u allow me to do so?

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