+ Nina Garcia illustrations by R U B E N T O L E D O ç The B little & book of style 69 m a don na “Better to live one year as a tiger, than a hundred as a sheep. The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. From Nina Garcia—fashion judge on Bravo’s hit Project Runway and the New York Times bestselling author of Style Strategy—comes The One Hundred, the companion edition to her wildly popular The Little Black. + Nina Garcia ∂ illustr ations by RU B E N T O L E D O - this as you read this book, as you think of what your own OneHundred will be.

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For the unaware, Nina Garcia is the fashion editor at the fabulous Marie The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must. From Nina Garcia—fashion judge on Bravo's hit Project Runway and the New York Times bestselling author of Style Strategy—comes The One Hundred, the com. The One Hundred book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From Nina Garcia—fashion judge on Bravo's hit Project Runway and t.

But, I do have look The idea behind this book is that it features the items the renown Project Runway fashion judge reaches for again and again. But, I do have looks, styles, clothing features that look best on me and make me feel my best.

It was fun to think about. I look great in tunics. Deep vees or scoop-necks are best for me. Wide legged pants are the only way to go, with boot-cuts being the narrowest that look really good on me.

As I read this book and thought about my own closet, I realized that I have a problem with shoes. No, not the problem most women have. I have nearly no shoes. I have a bad - I mean bad selection. I own one pair of shoes that truly looks and feels good on me - my cowboy boots.

I need to download some shoes. Feb 03, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: As I stare down my 35th birthday in a little over 6 months, I've decided to stop waiting to look better. I'm not going to wait until I lose weight. I'm not going to wait until my skin is a smooth as the proverbial baby's bottom.

I'm not going to wait to win the lottery. I deserve to look good NOW. I've always liked Nina Garcia as a judge on Project Runway. Her ideas of the things every woman most own should naturally be taken with a grain of salt, but she's not really to far off the mark in As I stare down my 35th birthday in a little over 6 months, I've decided to stop waiting to look better.

Her ideas of the things every woman most own should naturally be taken with a grain of salt, but she's not really to far off the mark in my book. Her philosophy? Invest in the classics that will last forever and have fun on a budget.

I didn't always agree, but it was definitey food for thought. I also love that she gave ideas as to where to actually get the pieces she recommends with various price points. As someone who is trying to look better on a modest budget, I really appreciate her POV. I think this would be a great book for a woman of any age- from the fashion conscious teen to the housefrau looking to step up her game. Mar 16, Eden rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Every woman.

The Little Black Book of Style

Each item is described by Nina who includes some of its history, gives advice on how to wear it and tells you some of her favourite places to shop for each particular piece. Finally, each item is beautifully illustrated by Ruben Toledo. The One Hundred is a very easy and useful read that I would advise to every woman. May 18, patty rated it liked it Shelves: This was kind of silly but since it was a free download via my state library I was compelled to check it out since I'm a fan of Nina Garcia.

Many of her "essential" items are beyond financial reach for most women, though she does offer cheaper suggestions. She took it a step further and writes about the history of many items how the totally unaffordable Birkin bag came to be. That was a plus.

Nov 08, Kelsey rated it liked it. For those not born with style confidence ahem It breaks down what the author considered to be pieces of clothing that every woman should own. I don't agree with all of them but I still got lots of ideas.

It helps you examine your wardrobe and figure out which classic pieces you already own and where you should spend your money in the future. Jan 14, Courtney rated it really liked it. Obviously a light read, but Nina is right on about the items every girl's closet needs. There were a lot of things you expect LBD but so many I didn't boyfriend sweater?

One of those books I'm sure I'll refer to frequently. Mar 24, Gaile rated it liked it Shelves: The contents of this book are exactly what the title says, the one hundred wardrobe pieces every woman should wear.

When it comes to me, there were some pieces I have never bought, owned or wore simply because I think they do not suit me. Read the book and make up your own mind.

Nov 15, Kristie Helms rated it liked it. Lots of statements of the stunningly obvious. And a little black dress. It was fun to flip through, but wouldn't recommend as a "download". Feb 24, Allison rated it liked it.

Dec 05, Dorotea rated it it was ok. A run-of-the-mill coffee table book. It was nice and easy to go through. It didn't offer me any new or exciting information, but it was cute. The illustration in the book are adorable. I'm glad I didn't download it only picked it up at the library.

Sep 13, Andreea rated it liked it Shelves: I like Nina Garcia's books as it is quite concise and gives a clear and neat guideline. For beginners and fashion victims both. I also liked her recommendations - luxury products as threshold. Sep 14, J rated it did not like it Shelves: This book annoyed me so much I couldn't even enjoy the frequent illustrations.

I just don't like Nina Garcia's personal sense of style. Not much fashion advice in the book beyond the mandate to download the items the author considers "bare bones" essential for a wardrobe. Items include: Not my style. At all. I found the author's comments to be insipid. I was unable to read it all and Ughh.

I was unable to read it all and had to skim heavily. She is from the more-is-more school of thought. This is the anti-Curated Closet book.

She also seems so wrapped up in the world of fashion that she loses common sense and relatability. For example, one actual sentence in the book reads: She who dies with the most stilettos wins.

I don't think the author is joking. She means it. I did like how the author talks about "classic" fashions that remain in style season after season in the prologue. However, her book failed to identify these items as she claims. See sample items above. And the author uses a swear word on page 2. So many things about this book were off-putting to my sense of style. Nov 07, Tram Nguyen rated it it was amazing. Great great great book about things a classic fashionable girl should own in her closet!

It's not a typical listing of things you should download, but comes with a lot more. For every item, the author includes a history background of it, names of the brands who carry the best examples and where you could apply on that item in the most sophisticated and appropriate way. I've borrowed this one and the "Style Strategy" of Nina also.

Hopefull Great great great book about things a classic fashionable girl should own in her closet! Hopefully the other book would live up to my expectation after reading this one! Dec 05, Katrina Winchell rated it it was amazing Shelves: She also includes references to pictures of icons and iconic items you can Google for more extensive 'research.

Sep 04, Sisi rated it liked it Shelves: When you invest deeply in pieces that you love and will love season after season, these items become yours. There are items that you can save money on.

This should not be one of them. Wear only one piece of animal print at a time. Any more than that and you will look like fashion roadkill. Keep everything else simple, even severe. Pair the print with neutral colors black, white, camel, khaki. Keep everything else classic and the print will carry itself.

When shopping, remember that on a good animal print, the colors are muted never pink or blue or yellow! Less is more, but none gets you nowhere! Why make everything black, black, black? Fashion should be fun and put a woman in the spotlight with a little bit of danger, you know?

Ankle boots with skirts? But when the bootie got into the hands of designers like Christian Louboutin and Miuccia Prada, it was transformed. Just like that. It caused a bit of a frenzy, and everyone wondered why we had been hiding these shoes under our pants for so long.

Women began wearing them with everything but classic trousers: dresses, drainpipes, and the very intrepid and genetically blessed wore them with shorts. And now, who can think of a world where ankle boots are not meant to come out and play? It seems as though they never had any other purpose than to make us look and feel a little punk when sporting them with skirts or skinny jeans. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

Black skinny pants tucked into black booties will elongate the leg and make you feel fabulous.

When wearing with miniskirts, try them with Black Opaque Tights 10 to keep your line going and going and going. Unless you have fabulous legs, illusion is our master craft. Make sure the bootie does not cut off straight at the ankle like a traditional bootie—these boots are made to be worn under pants and will chop off the leg and make it look stumpy.

It is a great alternative to the pump—always consider it if the pump seems too safe. They commanded an audience, perpetuated a movement, and forever changed the fabric of pop culture. She has always been known for her daring and edgy outfits and her amazing legs. And then, just as everybody jumped on board, she reinvented herself, in true Madonna fashion. Her career evolved with carefully planned stylistic phases.

There was her lacy underwear, big hair, and black jewelry phase; the sultry Marilyn Monroe phase; the Evita phase; the Japanese geisha; the uninhibited sex goddess in Gaultier with Blonde Ambition. She has always been, and continues to be, on the cutting edge. The youth of America achieved the look for much less.

Dem Autor folgen

They went into thrift stores for the clothes; they grew their hair long and purposely neglected to wash or comb it. It was an era of antifashion, but in an odd way, it was the only decade that can be so identified by a singular fashion trend. By the time she was in boarding school, my parents were ready to globe-trot, so I trotted along too.

I would also watch as my mother picked up the styles, downloading the necklaces and dresses and bringing them back to Colombia. These women put a lot of time and effort into the way they present themselves humidity be damned. The standards are not only a matter of presentation, but a matter of moral fiber.

There is a notion, passed down from generation to generation, that your physical presentation reflects the person you are on the inside.

European women are the consummate embracers and masters of style; they have made fashion an art form. For these women, style is never created; it simply is.

And it has meaning. For this woman, the power of tradition shapes her entire process of elegance. You must eat the kimono. At the other end of the spectrum, you will also see in the streets of Tokyo the progressive zeal of the Japanese youth.

They are the masters of urban chic, with their fingers on the pulse of modernity. They wear endlessly ornate, gold-and-enamel jewels quite unabashedly, with silken saris of every hue. The important events of their lives are usually punctuated by a ritualized approach to the kind of beauty that is laden with custom and tradition.

Women need to celebrate their God-given beauty instead of always trying to be something else. For obvious reasons, these women have had to reclaim their style throughout the centuries, forging an even stronger sense of pride and alliance to these roots. It is a country with distinct styles throughout the regions. In LA, women adore boho dresses and peasant tops.

In New York, you can find just about anything.

In America, the promises of possibility and inspirations are limitless. If you cannot get away, go to the ethnic shops in your neighborhood. But wherever you go, be it Tokyo or the local Indian store, this is the time to download with drama.

Bring back something fantastic. Pull out all the stops. Humidity be damned, forget about modesty, leave the trends behind, and have a little fun. One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art. They are found in The Met and the Louvre, but they are also found on graffitied walls and old flea- market prints.

Every designer has been influenced by art, and art has been influenced by style. The connection was perfectly clear to him: And she was the first to design entire collections around a theme and everyone followed suit. The woman knew how to be inspired. She knew how to imitate an image, but also to claim it as her own. This is a woman we can learn from. She let everything influence her style.

Imitate her. The compositions were gridded with thick black lines and basic primary colors. YSL took this design idea and fit it to the female form, creating his famed Mondrian collection. And how could I possibly have resisted Pop Art, which was the expression of my youth? How could I have overlooked my dear friend Andy Warhol? Murakami also created the Cherry Blossom pattern for the company, stamping smiling cartoon faces and pink and yellow flowers atop the original monogram canvas.

There is no one answer. Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly. I have been a victim of this. You want to show up to the party and make a statement. This is the time to carry out the fantasy of who you want to be.

Wear bold colors, wear fabulous jewelry, wear anything that helps you make a statement and an entrance. For a black-tie affair, men are required to wear a tuxedo and women are expected to be in a long dress or a cocktail dress. But this is the time to come out of your cocoon.

Some tricky variations: Cocktail attire This means a short dress. Have a lot of fun here. Pull out that fabulous short dress, your killer high heels, your funkier jewelry. Big cocktail rings are made for this dress code. Dressy casual This means pants are okay but no jeans. Casual It means anything goes. But not for you. You have a lot of freedom. Not even an expensive one. Because let me tell you, if there is a girl in a sweatsuit and a girl in a cashmere sweater and there is the possibility of an upgrade, cashmere beats sweatsuit every time.

The way you present yourself matters: The smile gets more than the frown. On a flight from New York to LA, I was traveling with an actress who got on the plane in perfect attire, perfect hair, full-on makeup, and sunglasses.

When we got off that plane in LA, not a hair was out of place. She looked as if she had been beamed there in a spaceship damn her. Never go on trips with anyone you do not love. And then layer, layer, layer.

A cashmere cardigan and a cashmere scarf are necessities on an airplane.

Frequently bought together

As for the shoes, wear flats. This is one of the few times when you should not wear high heels. It is not all that fun or glamorous to run for your flight in high heels.

A slow reveal is more intriguing than a full reveal. Focus on the fabrics and not exposing too much skin. Silk, cashmere, angora, or anything tactile work well. This is the time to pull out your favorite lingerie not for him, for you! Be at ease, be superfeminine, and roll with the awkward pauses. Is not the most erotic part of the body wherever the clothing affords a glimpse?

My mother is going to love you. We all know that the mother comes to that table full of judgment and doubt. You have to come to that table full of poise and style. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is also not the time to show lingerie. This is the time to be a little conservative. Knee-length skirts are good, miniskirts are not.

Wide-leg trousers, yes. Shredded jeans, no. But do not make the mistake of completely changing your style to impress them. You have to show them who you are, just not all of who you are. Wear classic, non- revealing clothing, but make sure your bag, or your necklace, or your watch reveals a bit of your style. His mother has one, too. They are built in during pregnancy.

The fathers? You do have to consider where you are applying. Invest your money here. As a general guideline: Choose a conservative base and then put on a piece of personal jewelry, something that says you are alive and not a robot in a suit. No one has ever had an idea in a dress suit.

But when she turned around, I was horrified. Panty lines! Granny panties! Who in the twenty-first century does not own a thong?

That day she fell from grace just a little bit or maybe a lot. You have to check your backside before leaving. No panty lines or thongs showing! Pay as much attention to your lingerie as you do to the rest of your outfit. Use it to your advantage.

Explore garters, corsets, etc. Just do not use a bra as a top. And, really, everyone knows you are wearing a bra. You should have the basic colors for those times when only a classic bra will do, but be wary of nude bras. Yes, most of the time, only you are going to know what you have on underneath your clothes, but wear great lingerie anyway. A little optimism never hurt anyone. Spend your money here. A simple, timeless design for these three items is best. A classic high heel, a quilted leather bag think Chanel , and a knee- or mid-calf-length coat all work well.

For the pants and top, choose a rich color—camel, brown, ivory, or black—and wear them tone on tone. For example, an incredible pair of ivory pants and a luxe ivory turtleneck equals elegance. Head-to-toe black, brown, and camel work the same way. Then add a great coat and choose some lasting jewelry: I caught it from you. Second, do not wear white. For some reason, people get very touchy about that. Especially the mother of the bride. Most important, you have to consider where the wedding is.

Again, read that invitation carefully. These women knew how to do summer. Jeans and T-shirts are key here. Sundresses and tank tops and just one great bathing suit are essential too.

Keep everything simple and then punctuate your outfit with all of those summer accessories that seem like they were made for lazy Sundays in July—the flat sandals, the sun hat, the L.

Bean tote. Nobody wants to go to the beach with a woman in high heels and a leather Prada bag. Everyone wants to go spend the weekend with Jackie O. I am a fan of black and brown in the winter, but not for the coat. A woman in a plain black coat rarely makes an entrance.

A woman in a black mink? A woman in a red trench? A woman in a black peacoat? Everything else can be black, if you want. Black pants, black shoes, black turtleneck.

The colors for winter are pretty standard: But definitely dare to wear winter white and ivory. There is nothing more chic than a woman in winter white. The dry cleaning bill is worth it. Also worth it: It will keep you warm and you will look instantly luxe. Nothing is better to rework than an old fur coat.

And nothing will make you feel more glamorous in the depths of December. Lots of jewelry. Make the guy download it for you—he got you into this. He can help you style your way through. Instruct him to find you bangles, earrings, fun necklaces. What you need is a few fitted cashmere sweaters in the winter or cotton T-shirts in the summer that will hug your body perfectly and not make you look like a beach ball.

Make sure they are comfortable, snug on your hips and thighs, and flare out a bit at the ankles to balance out the belly. Do not download maternity jeans that are tapered at the ankle. You are going to look like a Weeble and Weebles wobble.

Ballet flats are your friend here. They are extremely comfortable and flexible enough to stretch out as your feet start to expand very attractive. Have I made this sound fun enough for you?

There are plus sides to the whole pregnancy gig. Your hair gets thicker. Your boobs get bigger. What was your inspiration for the wrap dress? I was really very young, in my early twenties. I worked in an Italian factory and I loved printed jersey. It started as a little wrap top like a ballerina would wear, and then one day I just had this idea to make it into a dress. It is the most traditional dress, like a kimono, but it was revolutionary because it was made out of jersey and it was tight to the body.

What is your secret to staying young? I love life and I live it fully. What is your favorite item of clothing?

Whatever I am wearing at the moment. The secret to style? You have to figure out where you are going and what you have to do and then just go for it. What do you find stylish in a woman? Each woman has her own allure. I like humor, opinion, and self-assurance. Who are some of the most stylish women you know? They know who they are. Expert tips on how to dress for a party? Dress the part you want to play. How to dress to make an entrance?

The same way you make an exit: What is your secret to blending timeless and trendy styles? If I wear a trendy shoe or piece of jewelry, I keep the rest of my outfit simple and stick to classic pieces with clean lines.

A trend is usually something that lasts for only a season or two. What is your favorite source of style inspiration? Vintage photographs—I am inspired when I look at pictures of chic women from the sixties and seventies.

What do you find most stylish in a woman? The confidence to wear what looks good on you regardless of trends. Women who dress to play up their assets and hide their flaws always look polished and pulled together. Who is the most stylish woman you know? My mother. I still feel the same way when I look at her today. What are the secrets to downloading vintage? Quality and modernity. But junky vintage in poor condition will not fit the bill.

Try to look for things that have been well cared for and are high quality. Is vintage for every woman? There is vintage for every woman. What is the best vintage item a woman can download? It is the epitome of quality and taste and will be passed on to future generations.

I am drawn to women with a unique sense of style. Nina Garcia! I love mixing fabrics and shapes in unexpected ways—the classic with the modern, the rugged with the elegant. How do you pick your first fur? Your first fur should be the coat you always dreamed about, a fantasy object that makes you feel special every time you slip it on, and, of course, if it also happens to keep you warm, that is an extra plus. Is there anything fur does not go with?

Fur or a touch of fur will complement any look. It adds a touch of glamour and luxury; it can do wonders as a pick- me-up for a plain little black dress. What is the biggest mistake women make when wearing fur? Now we treat fur like an extraordinary fabric that can easily become part of a lifestyle.

Fur is a modern luxury item like cashmere that can be enjoyed at every price by everyone. What do you find eternally stylish? The perfectly cut tuxedo or a classic trench coat. Who are the most stylish women you know? I still love Jane Birkin and Kate Moss. What is it about a white shirt that is so appealing? A white shirt always looks crisp and sexy. What is your favorite article of clothing on a woman? How does a woman dress with minimalism without looking boring?

One should always refer to the proportions to update the silhouette—the same old dress can look exciting in a new length. What is the best lesson you have learned from Brazilian women? What is your secret to dressing in prints? As with anything, you just have to feel comfortable in them. Can you mix prints? Yes, definitely. It depends what you are going for. If you are going for a hippy seventies look, you are going to mix prints. I see prints as pieces that you can mix just as you mix different shapes and volumes.

Can you wear prints to a wedding? Yes, I often do. You never upstage the bride. Lighter-color prints are good.

Who or what has influenced your style the most? You can be influenced by everything you see and everywhere you go. Nothing was strict and precise, which is the fun part of fashion.

Who is one of the most stylish women you know? Carine Roitfeld. Be yourself. What are your insider tips on downloading lingerie? Wearing lingerie? Make sure it fits properly. Most women do not know their real bra size. Not downloading matching bra and knickers.

In bathing suits, less is more. In lingerie, more is more!!! Two knickers for every bra, even better. What are your tips for achieving a personal style?

Find a personal style by not following fashion trends. I believe in comfort and consistency. There is something disquieting about clothing schizophrenia. Who has been your biggest source of style inspiration? I think the seventies were a period that affected me as a teenager my mum was a teenager too, practically. We lived in flared jeans and waistcoats and platforms.

Surfing and rock and roll are the sorts of lifestyles that have affected my choice in clothes. I love when a woman is uncontrived and simple with a sense of inner strength. She could be naked or in a ball gown and her attitude does not change. Cate Blanchett has a face and poise and inner wisdom and dynasty.

My friend Elizabeth Salzman always looks amazing. What is your favorite article of clothing? A white Vince T-shirt. What is the secret to downloading and wearing a strong shape? The secret to wearing strong shapes is body language—a woman has to be comfortable in her own skin to make strong shapes work for her.

This is the essence of style for me. How you mix opposites and rearrange realities to get at a deeper truth. I love the practical and build everything around it first.

Fantastical just happens when you are open to it and can evaporate just as quickly. What is one item of clothing every woman should have in her closet? For me, a wonderful wardrobe of exquisite underclothes is the ultimate luxury.

Different undergarments for different types of clothes are essential in order to make a look work for you. Good grooming is the one thing that is a permanently stylish element. When you are perfectly groomed, you can conquer the world. We had the same shoe size and she would insist on trying on my picks that I found on Canal Street. What is the one bag every woman should have? A big classic tote that goes with everything—the iconic American bag.

What is your favorite accessory for a woman to wear? A handbag, for obvious reasons. Seriously, anything that brings out her true personality. What should a woman wear on a summer weekend? Something casual and chic. Nothing too forced, as if to look like she tried too hard. After all, it is the weekend. On a first date? Nothing too sexy or revealing.

From A-Z: The 100 must haves for every fashionable woman

What is the sign of a stylish woman? Unique, confident, timeless. My wife Delphine—effortlessly chic at all times. Dressed up or casual—day or evening. What one item should all women own? Brown crocodile stiletto pumps. What should a woman wear on a plane? Which fabrics work best for seasonless dressing?

Matte jersey. It is sexy and comfortable and is the best to travel in. What are the hallmarks of modern sportswear? The combination of comfort, sex appeal, and luxury. What do you find incredibly stylish? Women who look unstudied, yet elegant at the same time. Gwyneth Paltrow. I M A N, on confidence and smiles Q: How to be confident?

Be comfortable in your own skin. Only wear what looks good on you, but update it. Rock whatever you wear and smile, honey, smile! Confidence in her choices regardless of what others think, and a sense of irony.

What is your favorite piece of clothing? Who or what has inspired your style? My mom. She dressed without apology. What is the key to reinventing old pieces? I love vintage clothes, and I love scouring different markets for great treasures, which serve as a source of inspiration.

I like to compare the lines, details, and colors of what I find with what I am interested in now. I draw a lot of inspiration from the Gucci archives, specifically iconic elements such as the horsebit, crest, and bamboo. What should a woman keep in mind when mixing textiles? What or who is your main source of inspiration?

Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. I take inspiration from different fashion eras and different fashion icons. Tips on wearing accessories? Accessories are an integral part of a collection and are used to frame every look. Is too much really never enough? Too much imagination? Too much fun? Too much excitement? Too much adventure? NO WAY! Enough is never enough and when you are tired of the routine you have to go seek adventure so that you never get enough—feed your mind, body, and soul, and live life in a technicolor of imagination.I know skirts and dresses are for me.

Jewelry Pouches. I M A N, on confidence and smiles Q: The appeal of an exotic skin bag is that it will make you look instantly luxe. The kind of confidence that tells others that you respect yourself, love yourself, and dress up for yourself and nobody else.

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I do love reading comics inwardly . Look through my other posts. I have always been a very creative person and find it relaxing to indulge in pétanque.