Campione! Vol [LN][EPUB]. Campione! Vol [LN]. Novel Updates · DDL. - March 14, · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to Labels: Light Novel. [Light Novel] [English] Campione! volume 19, the translator expressely asked to wait for the translation to be edited before sharing pdf/epub. A Campione—a Godslayer—is a supreme ruler. Since he can kill a celestial being, he can therefore call download Campione! epub pdf free.

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Does anybody know where i can get campion light novel pdfs volume 19+. Ferri And in the Action the 15 Free year complex, 10 E. In 21, Light says: Expression V. God, light dengue 4 the campione light novel pdf. Campione! Volume pdf / Chapters List. Share. Outline. Campione! Campione! Volume 1 Prologue · Campione! Volume 1 Chapter 1 · Campione! Volume 1.

A Campione—a godslayer—is a devil.

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Since of all mortals who live in the world, none can assume a power to match his! Kusanagi Godou, a 16 year old boy who played in the senior league as catcher and fourth hitter—that is, the cleanup—when he was in Junior High. However, an injury put an end to baseball.

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Though that was not the end for him. During the spring break of his third and last year in Junior High, he got involved in an adventure and ended up slaying one of the Heretic Gods, Verethragna. Thus, he became the youngest—and seventh—Campione. Now that he is a Campione, a godslayer, the young Godou must defeat the troublemaking gods, with the help of his followers! Vol 1 - 18 http: January 11, , Please refresh link download. Quote from: Woooaah vol. Found vol 19 on http: So, expect an update later.

I would like to know, is volume 19 translated and available somewhere? I can't find it anywhere here, but I'm new here so maybe I don't know where to search? And thanks for the translations and the sharings.

Campione: Volume 6: Flying Phoenix of Divine Mountain

Although she fares well against Liliana Kranjcar in martial arts as a knight, her magic expertise excels Liliana's and can be even be considered unrivaled in the areas of iron alchemy, fire, creation, transformation, destruction and reinforcement spells.

Erica can use leap magic, able to boost jumping while in midair. She is an Italian girl who likes to keep herself in control of her own situation, thus she can be very forceful in her affection and jealousy. However, she knows her own limitations to be able to help and protect Godou, and she is willing to be open-minded enough to allow the other girls to become additional "wives", although she is to be recognized as his number one wife.

She is subject to the authority of The Committee for the Compilation of True History, a Japanese government based magic organization, who aims to use Godou to protect Japan while minimizing his potential as a threat.

She is quite harsh on Godou the majority of the time due to the misunderstanding that Godou is doing something lecherous, but is endured by Godou as he sees the self-sacrifice that lies behind it. Often called a Yamato nadeshiko , Yuri is clairvoyant and uses magic to heal and send knowledge to Godou.

In terms of fighting level and physical stamina, she is the weakest, shown when playing sports, but excels at support and is unrivaled at information gathering. Like Erica, she falls in love with Godou when she sees how willing he is to put his all to protect others. Yuri gets upset when she sees Godou with one of the other girls, which she misinterprets as flirting , or extremely serious she unknowingly smiles while giving off an extremely cold presence like a yaksha.

Campione Volume 1 - Heretic Godv3

The organization serves the Campione Salvatore Doni , although her grandfather and some other members favor and support the Campione Sasha Dejanstahl Voban by preference. The Bronze Black Cross are referred to as blue berserkers. Liliana has been also been called the Sword Fairy and Blue Witch, although these seem to be more nicknames as she is rarely called either while Erica is called or calls herself Diavolo Rosso often.

She possesses the sword Il Maestro, able to fight with great speed, excellent magic, and flying attacks similar to that of a falcon. When released, takes on its true appearance of a naginata, which releases spell melodies when swung that can disrupt the concentration of even the toughest of opponents, although since magic in nature it has limit, if any effect, on Campiones or gods.

However, in naginata form the spell words of David are infused into it as well giving it the ability to harm gods. She is often compared to be on equal footing to Erica in both martial skills and combat, as well as known by people to be among the top of the current generation of Great Knights. However, due to her direct and upfront nature, she does not have the political acumen Erica possesses and is more gullible to Erica and Karen's pranks.

She is also in love with Godou, but does her best to hide it from others. Usually covering up her desire to be in close proximity or help Godou with claims of merely serving her role as a knight or bodyguard. She is a silver-haired girl with a svelte body. Though she lacks the well-curved, voluptuous figure Erica possesses, her beauty is more along that of an ephemeral, delicate fairy. She is great at housework and cooking, is a descendant of witches, and has the hobby of writing embarrassing romantic novels.

Her expertise over Erica is in flight magic, witchcraft, potions, communicating with plants and animals, and spells relating to water, earth, and sky.

This allows her to make flying attacks similar to a sparrow, but with the ability to halt in midair, unaffected by gravity, before continuing her attack. This also gives her the ability to swim through water as easily as a fish, harvest herbs, cast hard spells and create difficult potions. She proved invaluable in not only opening a gate to the astral realm to rescue Godou and Erica, but the knowledge to create the potion required to be unaffected by the astral realm's environment.

She can also summon and use the Bow of Jonathon, which is powerful enough to harm gods, such as Perseus. Although it appears she shoots four arrows at a time, only one is real, the others are illusions to increase the chances of the real arrow hitting.

Campione! vol 1-16

She is a Hime Miko as well as a Yamato nadeshiko but with a figure similar to Erica's. She is the strongest of all Japan's Hime Miko, being specially trained by Susanoo. She is aggressive, impulsive, and has a tendency to ignore complicated things.

Due to the harsh training she endured, Ena lacks a bit of common sense in everyday life, but this has made her an unpredictable fighter as she relies on instinct. She possesses the sword Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi and can draw power from it, becoming possessed in the process. However, she can only do this for short periods before her body starts taking damage. Also, if she takes in too much power, there's a chance of Susanoo's instincts or Ama no Murakumo taking control of her and running amok.

When this happens she can fight on par with Campiones and gods alike. Erica considers her a threat to her position with Godou, due to Ena being another harem member with both a strong personality and a voluptuous, curvy figure; Liliana and Yuri are more submissive and easier for Erica to either manipulate or dominate. Erica believes that Ena can get close to Godou as a "guy" with her forthright nature before showing some feminine charm as a "girl".

Due to isolation from society during her training, Ena is not very experienced with relationships in general. Although her mission was to seduce Godou, she knew that he was her soulmate the instant she saw him and has completely fallen for him to the point that she is willing to be his mistress as long as she can be with him. She misunderstands his wanting to develop their relationship slowly as well as his desire to become a man good enough for her as signs that she is not good enough to be his wife, which frustrates Godou as much as Erica's wild antics do.

Campiones[ edit ] Campione, or God Slayers, are humans who have obtain the abilities of the first slain god called Authorities. They have enhanced bodies that can heal from even mortal wounds much faster and magic abilities which exceed that of the most powerful mages.

They also have very high magic immunity which protects them from mortal enemy magic, but also prevents them from receiving beneficial magic such as teaching or healing.

Thus, a caster has to deliver the spells internally through methods such as kissing or ingestion.

The number of the Campiones are in chronological from when they first appeared, not a reference to power level or actual age. He is a cold man whose only desire is to battle worthy opponents and obtaining abilities. His normal appearance is that of a healthy and athletic old man with gray hair.

His true form is the appearance of a huge werewolf. Voban is the oldest of the Campiones, as he has defeated and usurped the authorities of Apollo and Osiris.

He has the abilities to create severe storms, summon swarms of dire wolves, swallow sun-based attacks, turning people into salt with his eyes and summon the bodies of those he has killed to serve him. She was a great figure who carried herself with royal splendor. She possess the full set of the five Confucian virtues: benevolence, righteousness, propriety, knowledge and integrity. She was seeking a worthy opponent who could defeat her just like Verethragna had before Godou met her.

Also, she believes her valor to be the greatest in the world, she places greater value on herself than anyone else on the Earth and is undecided on whether humanity is worth saving or not.

Despite all this, Luo Hao is very observant of formality and propriety, as well as the rules of etiquette. She is able to control flowers, albeit harmless, poisonous or dangerous.

With over two hundred years experience she has mastered Daoist arts which allows her to use techniques similar to European magic spells. Another ability is changing herself to a small lizard, although whether it is an Authority or a Daoist art is unknown. She has the nicknames the Eternal Beauty, Goddess of Caves or Mysterious Queen of Caves, which refers to her ability to create a hole to another world and has the appearance of a cave.

She is a beautiful maiden with black hair and olive skin, having the personality of a wanderer. The Authorities she possess do not have any combat potential, however one of the Authorities she received from Persephone allows her to share the energy of life with living things which heals even severe wounds.

Although, if she has a day to prep she can flip the Authority's "spring side" into the "winter side", which can remove life, but Godou stopped her from actually using it the time she considered it.

Another she usurped from a certain Catholic saint in the Catholic religion causes everyone to like her which helps keep her out of trouble in areas where the locals ostracize or treat strangers with hostility. Although if she does not keep the effect toned down or inspires a group of defenders too often then she could unintentionally create a cult that would lay down their lives for her.

This is considered a most troublesome Authority by Saint Raffaello in that most of the holes link to the past. This is a problem in that any changes in the past could affect the future similar to the butterfly effect.

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The main problem with this Authority is that she has no control over what time period the holes open up to, and the holes appearing and sucking her in whenever she forgets about having the Authority. Also, the connection in time is not stable so someone entering the hole a few minutes earlier or later than another person will still arrive at the same spot, but days or years before or after the other.

She also goes by the masked identity of John Pluto Smith. A serious minded individual, she only lets her feelings show when she is drunk. When in the armored form of John Pluto Smith, she acts much more relaxed and flamboyant. At some point the Smith persona turned into a semi-split personality, which seems to express all the emotions and stuff Annie has been heavily suppressing.Godou, did Arianna assume the responsibilities of a guide well?

Actually I already returned to Los Angeles a few hours ago, and I found out about your plan. On that note, the knight corps they belonged to were secret associations. November 2, at 8: It's great that you haven't been disappointed, since Godou will one day become my husband, and is a genuine Campione " " What's really important is that this time it's the genuine Gorgoneion, and we don't have any kings to rely on, so it's a minor shame compared to what might happen.

Just as Godou was at a loss for things to say, Erica, who stood by his side, raised her voice and said: "Right, since all the actors are here, let's start the main event. But he couldn't allow himself to get caught up in her pace. From people wearing business suits to rough clients carrying bags to obvious tourist groups, he was surrounded by people in all directions, but he still couldn't see Erica.

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