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Evaluate Menu Planning Knowing the food costs of individual dishes lets you determine whether they belong on your menu. Some menu items can be loss leaders, used to attract customers who spend more on appetizers, drinks or desserts.

Reduce Waste and Theft Use ordering, inventory and security techniques that reduce food from going bad or being stolen. Keep track of monthly and annual traffic to better project demand and prepare for sales peaks and valleys.

Record how many dishes are returned each service and why, and how many meals you comp or replace to determine if the problem is a particular cook or one or two dishes you need to eliminate.

downloading in bulk saves you money, but can lead to spoilage of fresh foods.

Fundamentals of Menu Planning, 3rd Edition

Work with your suppliers to download in bulk but receive orders in multiple shipments. Require servers to check each dish against the corresponding ticket to prevent orders from going out incorrectly.

Have fewer staff members for set-up and takedown than during a service to minimize your costs. To keep costs low on slow nights without losing staff, offer a cancellation fee to staff you schedule but send home. Profitability You want to sell menu items that have a high margin of profitability.

The relative profitability of an item is calculated by comparing its contribution margin to the average contribution margin ACM of all items. The contribution margin is the selling price of a menu item minus the standard food cost of the item.

Profitable Menu Planning, 4th Edition

This is the amount that the item contributes to the labour cost, other costs of doing business, and profit. The ACM equals the total contribution margin divided by total numbers of items sold.

Profitable items have a contribution margin equal to or higher than the ACM. Also, the restaurant may wish to tempt patrons to add these items to their download, increasing the average cheque size.

If You're an Educator

If you can sell more to an individual guest, you increase the revenues without increasing the labour costs and other costs to the same extent. As well, the additional labour of the server is minimal because even without ordering an appetizer service may still be needed to provide additional bread or refill water glasses.

Thus, the sale of the appetizer will increase the profitability of the restaurant even though the contribution margin is not as high. Desserts may also have a low contribution margin. Often desserts are downloadd ready-made e.

There may be little labour cost in serving these items so the overall contribution of the dessert item to profitability is high. Items that require little preparation that is, have a low labour cost may still generate a significant contribution to margin even when their food costs are higher.

Even if the food cost of the item was very high and the CM low, you would want to keep this item because the combined labour cost and food cost is low. Thus the amount this item contributes to the fixed cost of the business is high. Potential Profitability of Menu Items To determine the potential profit in a menu item, you must have a good idea of the potential cost of producing the item.

Pre-costing the menu means you determine the cost of producing every item on the menu under ideal conditions. The assumption is that cooks will follow directions, the portions will be accurately measured, and all the portions will be sold. The results are the optimum costs; in reality costs could be higher.

Menu Engineering: Boost Your Menu Items' Profit and Popularity

Popularity Another factor to consider when reviewing your menus is the popularity of an item.Other Editions 2. They will reward your effort with money and your pleasure because you have satisfied guests in your object who are coming back again in your restaurant or bar.

Like this presentation? No questions asked! The exact amount of each ingredient for the preparation of food or drink.

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