Want to Explore Frankfurt City? Use our Frankfurt interactive FREE printable attractions map, sightseeing bus tours maps to discover free things to do in Frankfurt. The actual dimensions of the Frankfurt am Main map are X pixels, file size (in bytes) - You can open this downloadable and printable map of. Further information and city maps: Touristinfo Römer, Römerberg 27 (stop 11), Not even tourists and those new to Frankfurt can fail to miss the starting point of.

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Promotional Material on Frankfurt am Main General information on Frankfurt, including sighteeing attractions and museums, maps of the city centre and public . Our mini-travel guide “Two hours in Frankfurt” takes you on an express tour of Frankfurt. Enjoy your stay in Frankfurt am Main! Welcome to Frankfurt am Main. Payment made easy with the “GeldKarte” chip card. Does your bankcard have the “GeldKarte” symbol? If so, you can forget the tiresome search for change.


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Printable Tourist Map of Frankfurt, Walking Tours Map

At the stops, there are special screens, which display the time before the arrival of a particular bus. You can download a ticket for the trip in the vending machine at almost every stop.

Tickets are disposable; you can download one for a week and even for a month, which allows you to save considerably. The subway system of large cities is simple and straightforward.

You can also call for a taxi, but note that this is one of the most expensive means of transport.

Taxi services are urban and intercity ones. If the trip inside the city may not be that expensive, the journey between the cities will result in a large sum.

Frankfurt Tourist Attractions Map PDF

There are several international airlines in Germany; they are based in large cities. Besides a vast collection of plants and animals, including dinosaur skeletons, it contains human and animal mummies from Egypt. Today it houses a museum of sculpture, with works ranging from antiquity through to Mannerism, Baroque and Rococo.

The museum also has superb examples of ancient Egyptian and Far Eastern art, as well as works from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. German Architecture Museum Deutsches Architekturmuseum - One of the most interesting museums in the Schaumainkai complex is undoubtedly the museum of architecture.

The museum has a permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions concentrating mainly on developments in 20th-century architecture.

What are some interesting facts about Frankfurt? Tourist information - Tourist offices are located opposite the main entrance at the main train station Hauptbahnhof and also in the city centre Romerberg in the Altstadt, Innenstadt.

You can get updated public transport and large tourist maps there. Sightseeing - The main sights in Frankfurt are concentrated in the old town center, with several museums on the opposite bank of the Main in Sachsenhausen.

Frankfurt city centre map

There are a few more sights in the surrounding Neustadt, which was still within the old city walls. Most of the skyscrapers are in the Bankerviertel, but these are best seen from a distance, especially from the banks of the river.

The Main River flows from east to west, with the Altstadt old city and the Innenstadt city centre to the north and the Sachsenhausen district, including the Museumsufer Museum Embankment , to the south. Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof the main train station , on the eastern side of the partly sleazy Bahnhofsviertel train station quarter , is about 1. North and northeast of Konstablerwache are the Nordend and Bornheim districts.

The airport is 12km southwest of the city centre.

Getting around - After you arrive in the Altstadt, you can easily get everywhere, including the Museumsufer on the opposite bank of the river, on foot. Nearly all the main sights lie within the boundaries of the old town walls, which today form a stretch of narrow parkland, almost a perfect half-moon around the Altstadt or old city. For longer distances, you can take the U-Bahn subway , S-Bahn tram , or a bus.

Detailed hi-res maps of Frankfurt am Main for download or print

All forms of public transportation can be used interchangeably at a single price based on fare zones.Shoppers generally pack the Zeil, reputedly the busiest shopping street in Germany. Germanwings is considered the most money-saving for tourists. The cost of a flight by different airlines on a particular day can vary.

The new building is open to the public. This year, many celebrities will give us the honour once again. Price per item for up to 49 copies: On a global scale, Germany provides international financial and banking services.

Be careful if you combine the map with data from other sources in your project.

Its also possible to explore Frankfurts attractions by walking.

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