The Book of Soul Lyrics: Your momma told me read the Book of Job / They shoulda called it the Book of Soul / I came into this hurtful Earth in. [Verse 1] Your momma told me read the Book of Job They shoulda called it the Book of Soul I came into this hurtful Earth in perfect health. Caught Stevens?. Ab Soul's song "The Book of Soul" is without a doubt one of his most well known and most acclaimed songs, dealing primarily with the sudden.

The Book Of Soul Ab Soul

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Ab-Soul's Control System isn't by any means a light listen, but one of the most moving songs on the album is “The Book of Soul,” which. The Book Of Soul This song is by Ab-Soul and appears on the album Control System (). Your momma told me read the Book of Job They shoulda called it . Lyrics to 'The Book Of Soul' by Ab-Soul. Your momma told me read the Book of Job / They shoulda called it the Book of Soul / I came into this hurtful Earth in.

"The Book Of Soul" Lyrics

I feel elated I feel depressed Sex is death, Death is sex Says it right here on my Crucifix Like a scream but sort of silent living off my nightmares Voices protecting me 'Good behavior brings the Savior to his knees.

You've got to know who you're dealin' with because, like a stranger, a-heh, just might come in through here with a gun Everything is immaterial This is not reality I'm kneeling on the floor staring at the wall like the spider in the window I wish that I could speak Is there fantasy in refuge? God in politicians?

Should I turn on my religion? From there, I've just been very observant about a lot of the major political figures or religious figures that we have and I've been keeping a close eye to [them].

It may seem transparent, but ultimately it's very important to [draw your own conclusions]. House of Pain. It was the first in a series, that Stevens claims will have four installments: When I did the first one.

So there will be four of them: Longterm 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The Book Of Soul

So right now we're at two. You'll have to wait for the next one. That's for the next Ab-Soul interview. Stevens released his second mixtape, and the sequel to his first, on June 28, The tape, titled Longterm 2: Lifestyles of the Broke and Almost Famous was highly acclaimed and featured Stevens singing on several songs.

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On March 21, Stevens released the music video for a song titled "Nothin' New", in promotion for the album. Stevens has stated the respective independent albums of his label-mates partly inspired material on Longterm Mentality: Kendrick's OD had came out and Q's Setbacks had came out.

I had these bodies of work to go off of as references, as inspiration.

So how am I going to piece this all together and add my own two cents, too? How do I continue the sound but have my individuality as an artist?

It's the same challenge every single time.

Ab-Soul - The Book Of Soul Lyrics

That same day, he also released a music video for "Pineal Gland", a song inspired by the psychedelic drug DMT and of course the pineal gland , a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. Representative Lamar S. Smith , that would have allowed the U.

On May 1, , Ab-Soul released another music video, for a new song titled "Empathy", the song features vocals from Stevens' late longtime girlfriend Alori Joh December 16, - February 6, , who had committed suicide earlier in February.

The day before the album's release Ab-Soul revealed the track listing and released snippets from the album. The album sold approximately 5, units in an abbreviated week, debuting at number 83 on the Billboard and appearing on several other Billboard charts as well.

The song received praise as one of the best songs on the project. Budden has since announced that he and Ab-Soul have recorded many songs together which will be seeing the light of day in the near future. Budden went on to praise Ab-Soul as "one of the best things going in hip hop right now". Along with the song, he announced he was working on a new solo project. On January 2, , Stevens revealed he had turned in two projects to his label Top Dawg, before the year , was over: That same day, TDE management also unveiled the cover art for the album and released a snippet of a music video for Stevens' song "Stigmata".

In October , in an interview with Montreality, Stevens revealed the title for his first in-store retail project would be Longterm 3. He completed the post with the hashtag "DWTW", presumably the album title acronym to which he kept alluding.

On June 8, , via Twitter, Stevens revealed he had completed his upcoming album and turned it in for mixing. Those artists are basically the template to my format as an MC. They all capture me with their music, whether it be the vibe, delivery, cadence , story , or just the lyrics in general.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American hip hop recording artist from California. Top Dawg current StreetBeat former. Main articles: Longterm Mentality and Control System. These Days Ab-Soul discography and Black Hippy discography. Retrieved March 29, Ab-Soul Documentary Video ".

July 24, Archived from the original on January 2, Retrieved September 19, Retrieved December 7, Retrieved July 11, Retrieved March 9, Ab-Soul — Choke - Nah Right".

Newborn babies loved Michael Jackson. It was a pretty vivid day. I caught a rare virus called Steven-Johnson Syndrome.

And it was very, very life-changing for me. It hindered my vision and my skin configuration. It definitely put a huge dent in my hoop dreams. I even kept trying to play.

I tried to keep playing with my shades on, it was real funny when I think about it now. A lot of my friends were real cool about it. They wouldn't make me feel different or anything like that, but I just kind of figured… I won't have the sharp vision for that. I had to wear shades and shit. So I was quite peculiar.

People teased me about my lips, and say I look high. I didn't even start smoking weed , until after I graduated from high school.

Text battle. It is a very interesting world. I think that it still exists online, where you freestyle but you type it. They call it keystyle.

Ab-Soul - The Book of Soul Instrumental

I think that is where I developed my rhyming skills. I had been rapping a little earlier, maybe around 12 [years old], but when I hopped online and into that culture, that textcee culture. It really got me going as far as being a rapper. And I wrote it out.

That's a day I remember vividly.This little dream might fade away There I go talking out of my head again, oh baby Won't you come and put our two hearts together? In , Stevens recorded his first song. It definitely put a huge dent in my hoop dreams. A nerdy, wizardish genius. They call it keystyle.

The mixtape, entitled Longterm, was released in January

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