RECOGNIZING that deliberate, negligent or accidental release of oil and other harmful substances from ships constitutes a serious source of. MARPOL. Consolidated Edition International Convention for the. Prevention of Pollution from Ships. Errata. March Chapter 4 – Regulations on. The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships,. ( MARPOL Convention), is concerned with preserving the marine environment.

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The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, ( MARPOL Convention), is concerned with preserving the marine environment. Format, pdf. Size, 91 Mb. D O W N L O A D. The latest edition of the major IMO convention dealing with the prevention of marine pollution prevention) were adopted by MARPOL as further modified by a Protocol. MARPOL 73/78 Consolidated - MARPOL, Commentary on Mobile application is meant to make available updated MARPOL document at your fingertips as a reference material without the Release Date: Latest reviews Backup Software · PDF Printer · Free PDF converter · Free Backup software · Free.

The discharge of pollutants is allowed only to reception facilities with certain concentrations and conditions. No matter what, no discharge of residues containing pollutants is permitted within 12 miles of the nearest land. Stricter restrictions apply to "special areas". It contains general requirements for the standards on packing, marking, labeling, documentation, stowage, quantity subtraction, division and notifications for preventing pollution by harmful substances.

The amendments entered into force on 1 January It introduces requirements to control pollution of the sea by sewage from ships. It specifies the distances from land in which materials may be disposed of and subdivides different types of garbage and marine debris. The requirements are much stricter in a number of "special areas" but perhaps the most prominent part of the Annex is the complete ban of dumping plastic into the ocean.

It also establishes requirements for reception facilities for wastes from exhaust gas cleaning systems, incinerators, fuel oil quality, for off-shore platforms and drilling rigs and for the establishment of SOx Emission Control Areas SECAs.

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Amended Regulations 12 concerns control and record keeping of Ozone Depleting Substances. Amended Regulation 14 concerns mandatory fuel oil change over procedures for vessels entering or leaving SECA areas and FO sulphur limits. There are further provisions describing when and how to dispose of the acceptable wastes. A system of tacit acceptance has therefore been put into place, whereby if no objections are heard from a member state after a certain period has elapsed, it is assumed they have assented to the treaty.

All six Annexes have been ratified by the requisite number of nations; the most recent is Annex VI, which took effect in May Key eiements of this reguiation requirement are as foiiows: Ozone depteting substances means controlled substances as defined in paragraph 1.

Regulation 12 does not apply to permanently sealed equipment where there are no refrigerant charging connections or potentially removable components containing lDDS. Each ship is to maintain a list of equipment containing ODS and also an ODS Record Book, recording each occasion of actions affecting that equipment such as servicing, maintaining, repairing or disposing of the system or the equipment containing ODS.


For the purpose of the regulations of this Annex,noxious substances shall be divided into four new categories, categories as follows: Category X Substances considered a major hazard Category Y Substances considered a hazard Category 2 Substances considered a minor hazard Category OS Substances considered not to be a hazard to sea Vegetable oils is required to be carried in chemical tankers complying with the revised IBC Code as a ship type 2 with double hull.

September New ships over Gross Tonnage and.

September 5 years after entry into force of the Annex. The amendments are expected to be accepted on 1 Jun 08 and enter into force on 1 Dec 08 The amendment to Annex I adds reference to regulation 34 [Control of discharge of oil in regulation Under the amended text of regulation The amendments to Annex IV provide that the sewage originating from spaces containing living animals, should not be discharged instantaneously but at a moderate rate when the ship is en route and proceeding at not less than 4 knots.

This regulation will enter into force on 1 July A report of the test shalt be made available to the Surveyor by the party performing the test. On passenger ships, the system shall also be audible on all open decks. Date of entry: 1 July The area where the remotely located survival craft, required by regulation Regarding this, a knotted rope is not acceptable as "other means of embarkation".

Above requirements should be applied to all cargo ships regardless of date of construction.In the United States, for example, the relevant implementation legislation is the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships. The same will apply for non-identical replacement engines or additional engines installed on existing ships on or after 1 January The purpose of this ODS data recording is to keep a record of the condition and quantities of ODS on board a ship and serves as the basis for data coiiection by the reievant Fiag State.

The Oil Record Book helps crew members log and keep track of oily waste water discharges among other things. Statutory, Maritime. If the pre-wash requirements cannot be met at the discharge port, but will be carried out at the next port, it is to confirmed in writing that a reception facility at the other port is available and is adequate for such purpose.

The surveyor should only take samples from a designated sample point, as indicated by the ships officer. This includes changes: to the primary contact,.

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