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When they came out of the coffee house, the sky was dark, it was still snowing. Somehow, I developed a liking for this word.

I do not know why. The streets, the buildings, the vehicles everything seemed dunkel to me.

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Well, people were quite friendly. One very old lady, when she came to know that we came to visit Goethe museum, suddenly brightened up her cheeks, her eyes sparkled. She volunteered to accompany us.

It all went in vain. Sofa and his young German companion became exasperated. Ahmed Sofa waxed philosophical. Finally, Ahmed Sofa found it.

It cost him only a pack of Camel cigarettes. He had to, for courtesy's sake, offer it to that bearded young man who helped trace Schiller museum in the vicinity.

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Weimar is, after all, a city of museums. This is not the only foreigners in the land of his many Wise was especially impressed.

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Bastabaartheo universities and colleges in our country is growing. However, the foundation of education in primary and secondary level is weak. Here, the author confesses to his teacher called Professor Abdur Razzak.

Ahmed Sofa

The author thanks, Professor Razzaq could come close to the mode of my ideas were broader, and richer manasajibana been fortunate. State, society, religion, politics, history, philosophy, etc. Prof Abdur Razzak impressed by the depth of the author panditye Safa Ahmed, the precious thing from his past with what he was able to remember though I wrote a book geek.

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As mentioned, he could not utter child. Who would pronounce the g's. He was reluctant to write contents; Much stubborn nature. Oh a little bit; the Quran is the greatest power batetabe ability to influence people.Humayun Ahmed reminisced about the event many times in his different memoirs.

Biography[ edit ] Ahmed Sofa was born into a family of farmers at Gachbaria in the district of Chattogram. The story of Jhuti Shalik exposes more stories of birds like crows, sparrows, nightingales, hornbills etc. Archived from the original on 3 April Retrieved from " https: Nazrul Islam, Jasimuddin fan thilena sahityapriya man.

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