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Download D&D 4th Edition - Monster Vault Threats to the Nentir Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale (4e) - Terrifying monsters DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! Monster Vault: Threats to Nentir Vale was the third post-Essentials book for D&D 4e. d&d 4th edition - monster vault threats to the nentir d&d 4th edition - monster vault threats to the nentir vale - download at 4shared. d&d.

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Multiple File Formats. Average Rating 1 rating. Terrifying monsters and villains for your heroic- and paragon-tier campaign. Product History Monster Vault: Threats to Nentir Vale wasn't packaged in a box, but instead in a cardstock sleeve that was shrinkwrapped to keep everything inside. The book wasn't digest-sized like the Essentials books. In fact, it wasn't hardcover either like the core books. Instead Threats to Nentir Vale was a softcover release, representing yet another format for a 4e line that was growing increasingly chaotic.

Its size and format actually matched the Shadowfell books, but they were in a box. Customers Who Bought this Title also downloadd. Reviews 0. Please log in to add or reply to comments.

George W March 25, 8: Yes tokens and maps are included. I'm making pogs straight from the sheets. Eric T April 10, 4: Stephen R Brandon B October 14, 4: Does this download like the regular Monster Vault contain the maps and tokens? See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories.

WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale. Rule System. Apocalypse World Engine. BRP Basic Roleplaying. Cypher System. Eclipse Phase. Savage Worlds. Product Type. Core Rulebooks. Non-Core Books. All the while, the mages continue to seek out more of the artifacts and treasure left behind by the minotaurs.

Beyond the relative safety of the Seven-Pillared Hall, however, curious explorers can run into bandit gangs,. Several of the Winterbole's denizens, most notably the Tigerclaw barbarians and the Frost Witches, pay fealty to the dragon. They keep her pacified and help her when she demands it, but none of them are truly and honestly on her side. Even a dragon with an army of vassals could not hope to control the entire forest-and in fact the Tigerclaw barbarians consider themselves the real power to be reckoned with in the Winterbole.

This wide-ranging band of humans and shifters claims to be descended from a great primal spirit, from which they draw their fighting skill and their determination. The Frost Witches are not nearly as numerous as the Tigerclaws, but their desire for domination is no less strong. Clenderi, the witches' leader, would like nothing better than to convince Bitterstrike to join their cause in service to Cryonax.

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The coniferous treants of the Winterbole Forest contribute some of their ranks to the cadre ofBitterstrike's vassals, and they typically stand with the dragon when it. But their true enemies are the treants of the Harken Forest. These two groups harbor an enmity that dates back to the time when the two forests were a single expanse of green that covered nearly the entire vale.

Witchlight Fens The marsh that spreads out from both banks of the Nentir River is territory coveted by few intelligent creatures, for one principal reason: As elusive as he is deadly, this black dragon considers the Witchlight Fens his realm, and most of those who enter the swamp are not interested in contesting that claim. They rriight, however, be looking for the secret location of his lair. The lizard folk of the fens manage to live in harmony with the dragon, and some of the Witchlight lizard folk tribes have come to worship him.

Near the eastern edge of the fens, where the wetland merges with Harken Forest, the lizard folk of the Mistkiller tribe frequently skirmish with bands ofDaggerburg goblins that make forays out of the forest.

A number of ruins related to the ancient empire ofBael Turath can be stumbled upon by those who explore the depths of the swamp. Some of these have been occupied by newer groups, including lizardfolk and goblin tribes, but others are so mysterious and have such an air of malignance as to drive all but the most desperate or depraved from their presence. Unleashed upon the natural world, they are a virulent irifection that spreads like wildfire throuBh a parched forest. A ritual undertaken in ancient times released the exarchs of the demon lord of a dead universe, a universe where the demon lord succeeded in conquering its Abyss but also inadvertently destroyed the planes around it.

Brought to the natural world, these exarchs planned to establish the Abyssal plague, unleash hordes of plague demons, and open the way for their demon lord to step into this existence.

Heroes of the age stepped forward to disrupt the ritual, and the threat of the plague demons seemed to have been dealt with. Recently, however, one of the exarchs escaped from its ancient prison, and the demon lord found a host in the natural world. Now the Abyssal plague has ignited a fever that burns throughout the land. Plague demons of various forms have begun to appear, threatening civilized settlements across the Nentir Vale.

The very touch of a plague demon can pass along a debilitating disease that can lead to death or even transformation in rare cases. The alien disease is capable of turning humans and other natural creatures into plague demons.

Plague Demon Chaos Hound. Me dium e le me nt a l beast de mo n HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion. Pack Attack The plague demon's attacks deal 2 extra damage for each other plague demon that is adjacent to the target. At-Will Attack: AC Hit: At the end of the encounter, the target makes a saving throw.

On a failure, the target contracts Abyssal plague stage 1. All plague demons so far observed share certain physical characteristics. A crimson crystal substance, either in liquid or solid form, is somehow incorporated into each plague demon's body. The crimson substance contains strands of silver and flecks of gold, and it appears as either an oozing liquid or as hard as an armored shell.

The substance might manifest as veins of pulsating liquid crystal running between armored plates or undulating from cracks in the skin, solid crystal protrusions, or even crystalline weapons emerging from limbs. Plague Demon Chaos Footsoldier. HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion. Those infected by this disease slowly develop oozinB sores, blisters, andwowths that appear as crimson crystal laced with veins of silver and flecks ofBold.

The crystal can be in either liquid or solid form. Stage 0: The target recovers from the disease. Stage 1: While affected by stage 1, the target exhibits sores and growths across 1 0 percent of the body and loses a healing surge. Stage 2: While affected by stage 2, the target has sores and growths over 50 percent of the body and loses a healing surge. The target also takes a -2 penalty to AC, Fortitude, and Reflex, and is slowed.

Check Stage 1 or Stage 2: At the end of each extended rest, the target makes an Endurance check if it is at stage 1 or 2. The stage of the disease increases by 1. No change. The stage of the disease decreases by 1. Stage 3: While affected by stage 3, the target has sores and growths over 90 percent of the body. In addition, the target becomes increasingly disoriented and chaotic as the demonic nature of the disease takes hold.

Check Stage 3: At the end of each extended rest, the target makes an Endurance check if it is at stage 3. The target dies. The target transforms into a plague demon chaos beast. The plague demon takes acid, cold, fire , lightning, or thunder damage. Effect Free Action: The plague demon gains resist 5 to the triggering damage type until the end of the encounter or until it uses variable resistance again. Reflex Hit: At the end of the encounter, the target.

The plague demon takes acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage. Medium natural humanoid. A silent dirge fills the air around this accursed band of forgotten heroes. Long ago, they found glory plundering the tombs of old kings and warlords, but one misadventure in the Sword Barrow cost them their lives.

D&D 4th Edition - Monster Vault Threats to the Nentir Vale.pdf

Lost to time and story alike, these undead horrors prowl the Gray Downs, laying waste to other bands of adventurers who would dare steal their glory. Adventurers in Life: The Barrowhaunts are a group of five former adventurers bound to the lands surrounding the Sword Barrow. Their deeds in life are seldom recollected, and no one is truly sure why their spirits have never been laid to rest.

Now they savagely attack any who enter the lands of their trust. Many rumors exist about the exact nature of their curse; one common legend suggests that they sought to plunder the Sword Barrow and evoked the wrath of a warlord entombed within. The warlord 's spirit called to the native hill folk in the area, who marched to the Sword Barrow to confront the adventurers and reclaim the warlord 's treasures.

D&D 4th Edition - Monster Vault Threats to the Nentir Vale.pdf

The adventurers, rather than relinquish their trove, slaughtered the hill folk. A dying elder placed a curse on the adventurers' souls, binding them to the land for all of eternity. Guardians in Death: At first, the elder's curse seemed empty and hollow, but every time the adventurers left the Gray Downs to sell their hard-won loot, they could not help but return to the hills in search of even greater treasures.

Eventually, their greed surpassed their skill. Descending deeper into the Sword Barrow than they'd ever gone before, the adventurers fell prey, one by one, to horrid monsters and insidious traps.

Though cursed to haunt the Gray Downs and guard "their" barrows from other would-be pillagers, they still seek out treasures and relics for themselves. The spoils of their exploits are stashed in an ancient crypt deep within the Sword Barrow. Their motive for collecting such worldly possessions isn't clear, but some believe they are forced to sate their everlasting yearning for adventure and exploration.

Regardless of the reason, most believe that this cache is of significant worth. Many other adventurers have tried to locate the hoard, but all have been slain or rebuked.

Lingering Spirits: Traveling and fighting alongside the Barrowhaunts are the spirits of the creatures they have slain-intelligent monsters, slaughtered tomb robbers, and ancient hill folk. Although these allies are minions, they are hardier than most such creatures, and they serve to remind the Barrowhaunts of the horrible deaths they have inflicted upon others.

These lingering spirits do not want to see the Barrowhaunts' curse end. Consequently, they fight hard to keep the Barrowhaunts from being destroyed. Before and after the attack, Uthelyn can shift up to 2 squares.

Uthelyn is subjected to an effect that immobilizes, slows, or restrains her. Effect Immediate Reaction: The triggering effect ends, and Uthelyn is insubstantial and phasing until the end of her next turn. Medium shadow humanoid undead HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion. Large shadow beast u ndead HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion.

Left to rinht: Fortitude Hit: Half damage, and Ice heart can slide the target 1 square. An adjacent enemy hits or misses Joplin with a melee attack. Effect Immediate Interrupt: Joplin uses vanishin9 strike against the triggering enemy and has combat advantage against it for that attack. The Gray Downs are a desolate part of the Nentir Vale, and the raised areas or piled stones on that map can pass for barrows there.

Also, the terrain offers plenty of ambush. Consider having one or more of the Barrowhaunts emerge from an open tunnel not shown in the mound at the bottom of the map, with a handful of lingering warrior spirit minions rushing in from behind the piled rocks. Stand Your Ground When an effect forces Boldos to move-through a pull, a push, or a slide-he can move 1 square fewer than the effect specifies.

In addition, when an attack would knock Boldos prone, he can immediately make a saving throw to avoid falling prone. Boldos is hit by an attack that pulls, pushes, or slides him.

Cassian uses areatsword twice. Cassian uses areatsword, and each ally within 5 squares of him can take a free action to shift up to 2 squares and make a melee basic attack. Close burst 3 allies in the burst. An enemy adjacent to Cassian uses an attack power that doesn't include him as a target.

Melee 1 triggering enemy. The target takes 12 damage. The treasures of the Gray Downs belong to us. If youcross us, be warned. No one remembers their bold deeds-only that they perished here.

Half blind from an old wound, Bitterstrike has acquired a multitude of subjects to be her eyes. Her icy ven9eance is le9endary; althou9h her servants wander, they never stray. Without warning, a lithe, powerful form bursts upward through the ice of a frozen lake or streaks down from a storm-shrouded sky, announcing the presence of the white dragon Bitterstrike.

Bitterstrike's temper is well known, and any slight against her incites her cascading wrath. Her vassals and spies often use her violent tendencies to their advantage, cleverly delivering information to her that directs the dragon's anger against those they want to see destroyed. Nursing a Grudge: In her youth, the dragon hungrily snatched beast and humanoid alike from the Nentir Vale. Brutal, random, and reckless, she cowed the populace.

Over the years, the white wyrm came to see the vale as both a holding pen for her meals and an outlet for her terrible anger. ChiefFangstrike of the Tigerclaw barbarians page was the first to stand against her-and he survived. In fact, with a single strike of his war pick, the chief gained legendary status as he cleaved the dragon's brow and skewered her left eye.

Screaming in agony, the dragon turned tail and fled. For thirty years, the white wyrm disappeared from the valley, and the barbarians' songs of victory spread. Nine moons after ChiefFangstrike's death, the white dragon returned. Visibly shaking with shame and rage, the beast desecrated the chief's grave, murdered his kinfolk, and destroyed the Tigerclaw's main settlement. The barbarians cursed the dragon, naming her "bitter strike" in acknowledgment of the revenge she had nursed all those years.

Ruthless Warlord: When Bitterstrike lost her eye, her behavior deviated from that of other white dragons, a breed well known for the random, wanton destruction they brazenly inflicted on anyone in their way. During her thirty-year retreat, the seeds of bitterness in Bitterstrike's heart swelled into a forest of hatred and misery, and the dragon swore to repay each insult with mayhem and death. In an uncharacteristic moment of clarity, however, the maimed wyrm realized she could not enforce such vengeance on her own.

Bitterstrike approached the remaining Tigerclaw barbarians and. Level 10 Solo Brute XP 2. Action Recovery Whenever Bitterstrike ends her turn, any dazing, stunning, or dominating effect on her ends.

During the move, Bitterstrike can move through enemies' spaces and has resist 5 to all damage. Each time Bitterstrike enters an enemy's space for the first time during the move, she can use claw against that enemy. If the attack hits, the target also falls prone. If Bitterstrike cannot use a free action to take this move due to a dominating or a stunning effect, then that effect ends instead of Bitterstrike taking this move.

Savage Blood While bloodied, Bitterstrike can score a critical hit on a roll of Winterbole races-including the Frost Witches page 54 , the treants page , and the satyrs-and gave each the same ultimatum. Those that refused lived to regret that decision. Now, Bitterstrike rules her part ofWinterbole Forest the way a queen rules her vassals. The Winterbole races pay their annual tributes to her hoard, and their hostages serve the dragon as emissaries, guards, spies, and warriors.

They communicate with their tribes and inform the dragon of rumors pertinent to her. Even the smallest reported offense incites her vengeance. Usually, Bitterstrike delivers swift revenge personally, pouncing on the offending individual and snuffing out its life. When facing uncertain odds, however, Bitterstrike intimidates the Winterbole races into raising cooperative forces to punish transgressors.

The dragon's close brush with death made her realize that a little patience, fear, and control of one's allies can go a long way toward facilitating a long, deeply satisfying, revenge-fueled life.

Half damage.

Half damage, and the target is slowed until the end of Bitterstrike's next turn. An enemy flanking Bitterstrike hits her. Attack Free Action: Bitterstrike is first bloodied. Breath weapon recharges, and Bitterstrike uses it. An enemy within 5 squares of Bitterstrike hits her with an attack. Close burst 5 triggering enemy in the burst. The target takes 10 cold damage, and Bitterstrike pushes it up to 2 squares.

Threatening Reach The treant can make opportunity attacks against creatures within 2 squares of it. Wooden Body Whenever the treant takes fire damage, it also takes ongoing 5 fire damage save ends. The treant uses slam twice. An enemy within 2 squares of the treant uses an attack power that doesn't include the treant as a target.

Attack Opportunity Action: An enemy within 5 squares of the treant hits it with an attack. The target takes 10 cold damage, and the treant pushes it up to 2 squares. Queen and Pawn: Thus focused, Bitterstrike is completely blind to subtlety and subterfuge. Without exception, Bitterstrike's "vassals" take advantage of her shortsightedness. The Tigerclaw barbarians pass her false information, using the white wyrm as a weapon against their enemies.

The Frost Witches accede to Bitterstrike's demands so they can spy on her other vassals, access her lands, and seduce her into serving their real master, Cryonax. The treants use the dragon to make surprise attacks on their rivals in Harken Forest, while the satyrs trade cheap, shiny baubles for nondescript, yet powerful, magic items from the dragon's hoard.

The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of the encounter.

Any creature that ends its turn in the zone takes 5 cold damage. An enemy within 5 squares of the satyr hits it with an attack.

The target takes 10 cold damage, and the satyr pushes it up to 2 squares. Speculators say Bitterstrike knows she's being used but is in denial. They suggest that acknowledging the truth would not only force the maimed dragon to admit her weakness-the need for these lesser creatures-but also require her to exact revenge on the very mechanism that keeps her blissfully submerged in a world of wealth and violence.

Bitterstrike's Vassals: Bitterstrike's vassals are designed to lead groups of creatures into battle. As elite monsters, they represent the dragon's chief emissaries. In adventures featuring Bitterstrike, encounters preceding the dragon's appearance could feature a vassal leading creatures against the heroes.

In an especially challenging encounter, Bitterstrike could fight with a vassal by her side. On a critical hit, the target also takes ongoing 5 damage save ends. The vassal uses lisht pick twice. First Failed SavinB Throw: The target is slowed and takes ongoing 5 cold damage save ends both. An enemy ends its movement flanking the vassal.

The vassal either shifts 1 square or moves up to its speed. An enemy within 5 squares of the vassal hits it with an attack. The target takes 10 cold damage, and the vassal pushes it up to 2 squares. Fury is half-blind. While this effect persists, any enemy of the witch that starts its turn adjacent to the target takes 5 cold and psychic damage.

Half damage, and ongoing 5 cold and psychic damage save ends. An enemy within 5 squares of the witch hits it with an attack. The target takes 10 cold damage, and the witch pushes it up to 2 squares. Ice Hunter's Bite The drake's attacks deal 4d6 extra damage to any creature that can't see it. Snow Camouflage While it is in icy or snowy terrain, the drake has partial concealment.

The drake must be in icy or snowy terrain or within 10 squares of a white dragon. The drake becomes invisible until immediately after it attacks or until the end of Its next turn. The few bestiaries to have catalogued the elusive Blackfang gnolls describe their short white fur and long onyx canines that descend below the jawline. Rarely has someone been the target of a Blackfang attack and survived to tell the tale.

Hills Have Eyes: Predatory and fiercely territorial, the Blackfang gnolls have long terrorized travelers who dare to cross the Old Hills. Fear of the creatures grips the simple folk of the eastern Nentir Vale, and Nenlast's human villagers use tales of the feral raiders to scare children into minding their parents. Even the stalwart dwarves ofHammerfast are not immune; too many warriors have gone missing in those hills to dismiss the tales.

The Old Hills are riddled with interconnected burrows where Blackfang clans dwell. The gnolls seldom travel overland, preferring the labyrinthine tunnels for their nightly raids.

Caravans moving along the trail between Nenlast and Fiveleague House are common targets for Blackfang ambushes. The pack either devours captured victims in. Well of Demons: Recent expeditions into the labyrinth under Thunderspire led the Blackfangs to an ancient monastery sanctified to the demon lord Baphomet. The Blackfang chieftain, Maldrick Scarmaker, recently locked himself inside the Well of Demons chamber in preparation for reconsecrating the temple to his demonic patron, Yeenoghu.

With Maldrik isolated from his followers , the Blackfang tribe is effectively leaderless. If the chieftain does not emerge soon, another prominent pack leader will move to seize the throne. Butcher's Blessing: All gnolls seek Yeenoghu's favor, carrying out depraved acts of brutality in the demon prince's name.

And the Blackfang tribe has long spread carnage and fear across the Nentir Vale. Lately, however, exposure to the Well of Demons' corruption has accelerated the transformation process known as the Butcher's Blessing, and demonic spirits have possessed Yeenoghu's blessed. These chosen vessels bear physical signs of their corruption, such as wings and barbed tails.

More alarming to the valley's inhabitants is the gnolls' insatiable appetite for mortal souls, which drives the raiders to ever more brazen acts of bloodshed. Pack Attack The feaster's attacks deal 5 extra damage to any enemy adjacent to two or more of the feaster's allies.

Characters who played through the Thunderspire Labyrinth"' adventure might have previously encountered. If that's the case, perhaps Maid rick has returned to life to seek vengeance, or Yeenoghu has raised Maid rick from the dead for the demon prince's own purposes. Alternatively, another gnoll pack leader could have taken control of the 'Biackfang tribe, gaining demonic traits to intimidate the tribe and spread fear among Nentir Vale residents.

If the target moves closer to Maid rick on its next turn, it takes 10 radiant damage. Pack Attack The gravedigger's attacks deal 5 extra damage to any enemy adja cent to two or more of the gravedigger's allies. The gravedigger must be burrowing and must have no creature grabbed.

The gravedigger reaches up through the ground and uses bite twice against one enemy, ignoring cover and concealment. If both attacks hit, the target is grabbed escape DC Until the grab ends, the target is restrained and takes ongoing 5 damage.

Pack Attack The howler's attacks deal 5 extra damage to any enemy adjacent to two or more ofthe howler's allies. Maldrick chooses one enemy he can see. Until the end of Maldrick's turn, his implement attacks deal 1d6 extra damage against the chosen enemy.

An enemy enters a square adjacent to Maid rick. Will Hit: The target is immobilized save ends. Swarm The pack can occupy the same space as another creature, and an enemy can enter its space, which is difficult terrain. The pack cannot be pulled, pushed, or slid by melee or ranged attacks. It can squeeze through any opening that is large enough for a Medium creature. If the pack is no longer adjacent to the target, this immobilized condition ends.

Blackfang Render Medium elemental humanoid demon. Pack Attack The render's attacks deal 5 extra damage to any enemy adjacent to two or more of the render's allies. At-Will - -Attack: The render must have no creature grabbed. Bloodfire oozes are created through horrid rituals and have no place in the natural world. Fanatical priests loyal to Orcus or one of the other demon princes are most often associated with creating the oozes for their own dark purposes.

Bloodfire oozes appear in the most unlikely places. Some are known to lurk in the dungeons below the Temple ofYellow Skulls near the Ogrefist Hills, where demonic rituals were practiced and possibly still are. Recently, dwarves excavating a collapsed barrow in the hills south ofNenlast unearthed a large iron statue depicting a demon. The statue was hot to the touch, and when the dwarves began dismantling it, a pair ofbloodfire oozes seeped out from within.

The oozes annihilated all but two members of the excavation team, who returned to Hammerfast with their tale of woe. The oozes still lurk in the old barrow, and brave souls are needed to find and slay them. Bloodfire Ooze Large elen1ental beast fire , ooze. Demonic Fire Fire damage dealt by the bloodfire ooze ignores 10 points of a target's fire resistance.

Ooze While squeezing, the ooze moves at full speed rather than half speed, it doesn't take the -5 penalty to attack rolls, and it doesn't grant combat advantage for squeezing. The bloodfire ooze is bloodied. The bloodfire ooze recharges fiery eruption and uses it. Tormented Faces: The amorphous blood fire ooze looks like a slithering mass of seething, boiling blood, which reeks of sulfur. It occasionally extrudes pseudopods and manifests faces twisted in torment.

These faces are personifications of the creature's demonic essence, often resembling those whose blood was sacrificed to create the bloodfire ooze. The faces are quickly absorbed into the creature's form, but not before they disgorge clouds of poisonous sulfuric gas. Will Guard for Food: Bloodfire oozes are virtually mindless creatures. They do not employ sophisticated tactics, but they recognize their creators and can be harnessed as gl,lardians as long as they're fed regularly.

The tremendous heat that radiates from their bodies makes them difficult to be near, so they're often paired with traps or monsters that have strong resistance or immunity to fire. Turn around the compass rose, Where it went to, no one knows. They have a malicious sense of humor and enjoy tricks that torment others.

Token Manifest

Children sometimes tell of"bogeymen" that follow them, lurking in the corners of their vision only to vanish when confronted. Parents dismiss such stories as phantoms of an overactive imagination- until the boggle snatches the child away. Misshapen Interlopers: Boggles are native to the Feywild.

They are common ancestors of goblins and of the Shadowfell's dimension-hopping banderhobbs Monster Manual 3 , but are as similar to those creatures as humans are to apes. Although diminutive, boggles are able to extend their reach a considerable distance, and over the years, their ability to bend space and grasp across dimensions has stretched them somehow, making them adept at trickery. A boggle lopes with a hunched gait, dragging its knuckles along the ground as it moves. Boggles migrate to the world wherever they discover a fey crossing, seeking the limitless entertainment provided by the world's easily beguiled mortals.

They are able to fold space over short distances and spy on mortals through the dimensional windows they create. They might pass through the resulting portal or reach across with their long arms, in search of items to filch or victims to terrify. Malicious Tricksters: Boggles go out of their way to torment or vex people. A boggle might spoil milk, strip the sheets from beds, tie shoes together, or set stockings aflame.

It might disassemble armor and hide the pieces, or switch new weapons with old, rusty ones. It might pound at the inside of a closet door, hurl an object against a wall, or grab at sleepers from beneath their beds. It might even swaddle a wild animal cub like a baby and swap it for a sleeping infant-then lurk nearby to delight in the parents' horror.

Sometimes a boggle volunteers to act as a humble guide for travelers or explorers, then leads them into an ambush or a dragon's lair. Stealthy Sneaks: Boggles are cowards that prefer to stay out of contact with others.

They can speak in halting Common or Goblin, but most communicate with shrieks, hisses, clicks, and taps understood only by their own kind. Boggles are not particularly intelligent, but.

Using their dimension-folding powers, they feed by snatching birds, rabbits, and other small prey by surprise. They can even ambush larger creatures, suffocating them with strong, grasping claws. Because of its innate ability to be sneaky, a boggle is sometimes coerced into serving as a guard, a spy, a thief, or a harrier by a stronger or more clever creature. Boggles panic when caught, and they sweat profusely in the presence of other creatures.

Boggle sweat is a viscous, slick, fire-resistant substance, and a boggle will often leave traces of it wherever it goes, like the slime trail of a slug. For those who know what to look for when strange happenings are afoot, traces ofboggle sweat will reveal that a boggle is present. Dimensional Window The boggle can make Thievery checks against any creature within 10 squares of it that it is aware of.

The boggle must have no creature grabbed. The boggle teleports the target to an unoccupied square within 2 squares of the boggle, and the target is grabbed escape DC The target is blinded until the grab ends. The boggle must remain within 2 squares of the target for the grab to persist. The boggle teleports up to 3 squares. A creature grabbed by the boggle escapes the grab.

Melee 2 triggering creature. The boggle uses dimension claw twice. The bog le teleports up to 3 squares. The boggle takes damage from a melee attack. The bo gle teleports up to 3 squares. Melee 1 one creature flanked by the boggle. If the target moves more than 3 squares during its next turn, it falls prone at the end ofthat turn.

A creature misses the boggle with a melee attack. The boggle shifts up to 3 squares and then pulls the triggering creature to a square adjacent to it. The triggering creature's movement provokes opportunity attacks. If the creature ends this movement without taking damage from an attack, it can make a melee basic attack against the boggle as a free action. The target is dominated save ends.

When the effect ends, the boggle returns to play in an unoccupied space of its choice within S squares of the target. The boggle's current square is greased until the end of the encounter. Whenever any creature other than a boggle willingly enters the greased square, that creature falls prone.

Cadaver collectors are massive, armored constructs built to retrieve corpses from the battlefield, regardless of the dead ones' alliances. A loaded cadaver collector is a horrific sight: Old stories say the first collectors appeared in the company of the human necromancer and conqueror Daelh, whose small but powerful army invaded the Nentir Vale from the southern borders of the Witchlight Fens hundreds of years ago. Daelh and later masters of the collectors used the harvested bodies for research and to create new undead with which to bolster their forces.

Even after a war or a conflict ends, cadaver collectors are often discovered among the ruins, searching for bodies to gather and masters to serve. The secret of creating cadaver collectors is thought to be lost, but occasionally a new one appears, suggesting that someone has rediscovered or reverse-engineered the process by studying the golemlike creatures. Given their complex construction and heavy plating, the process is likely both lengthy and expensive.

Cadaver Collector. R- Re: Nentir Vale 4e setting Tue Jan 31, am Sorry for being late to the party, but I was wondering the same thing a week or two back. Apparently, it has a decent following and, despite 4e's overall failure, had remained fairly popular. You shouldn't have any issues finding resources on the setting. I'm rather fond of the "points of light" concept, and wouldn't mind if WotC explored this setting a bit more.

That way they could include as much or as little info as they wanted and it would keep costs down. And I'd much rather that content than the content they have been including. It's over pages. I haven't had a chance to look at it, but it seems to have a bunch of info.Effect Immediate Interrupt: Bloodfire Ooze Large elen1ental beast fire , ooze. Boggles are not particularly intelligent, but. Virtual Tabletops. They do not employ sophisticated tactics, but they recognize their creators and can be harnessed as gl,lardians as long as they're fed regularly.

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